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I have got a fairly cosmopolitan view of life and the same can be applied to music as well. I enjoy any music that my auditory senses like at that moment. I enjoy listening to Malayalam songs, especially the ones in the 80’s, a few Hindi songs ( most of the new ones suck) etc. But most of my airtime is used up Rock music. Rock in the sense can range from rock n roll to speed metal. My friends and family usually lambaste me for my taste in music. Especially my family who actually think I am some post modern geek with no attachment to our culture or family. Believe me it hurts me a lot! I have always felt this strange but beautiful attachment towards my family (not just my parents, my cousins, aunts etc) and I am a strong proponent of preserving the cultural values . People misunderstand me a lot.
Music has been my savior. I became really matured and level headed due to music only. I could went out my aggression by listening to music and I believe it has worked wonders on my character.
So far so blah…
Back to the music…
Here are five songs which I feel are my all time favorites…I have not included the Malayalam songs I like though…

5. Aerosmith- I don’t wanna miss a thing
I don’t listen too much of Aerosmith these days. But this song is simply special to me. It was made for the movie Armageddon and it won the Oscar for best song I think. Really brilliant lyrics and a touching song. I really want to be with my beloved when I listen to this song.
“I could stay awake just hear you breathing,
Watch you smile while you are sleeping…”
The lyrics can be found here
4.Scorpions- Still Loving You
A lullaby like start. But really it makes you feel the lethal sting of the Scorpions and Love. A great power ballad. Though many may call the lyrics too straight I really love it. It makes you crave for your long lost love. And the guitar work is simply sublime.
“Is there really no chance
To start once again?”
The lyrics can be found here
3. Metallica- The One
A lot of history in to this anti-war song. The first video song of Metallica and their first mainstream effort in their album”…and Justice for all”. The video is great with snippets from the movie "Johnny Got His Gun" which is based upon the book by Dalton Trumbo who also directed the movie in 1971. The movie is about a soldier who's arms and legs were blown away by a grenade during World War I. Metallica purchased the rights to this film to use it for the music video.
Really the best song by Metallica. Fantastic lyrics. The song picks up pace as the progression and the end is pure headbanging which you cannot resist.
“Back to the womb is much too real
In comes life that I must breathe…”
The lyrics can be found here
2. Jethro Tull-Waking Edge
I edited out Nirvana's song from here. I realised I had missed this song. Jethro Tull is an Alternative Rock band in its true sense. The lead man Ian Anderson plays flute as well (no pun intended!). This song is really really brilliant. Wonderful opening and terrific lyrics. The song is there in the only CD I ever bought! A compilation called 'Still Loving You' in which the eponymous song was also there. Really a classic!
The lyrics can be found here
1. Guns N Roses- Sweet child o’ mine
Most of the fans place November Rain as the best GNR song. But I love this song much more than any other GNR song. The lyrics are sweet and simple. The guitar solos are face melting. This song has the X-factor. This is the first hard rock song I ever listened to thanks to Asianet Jukebox. I am hooked since then to rock music. Habits die hard they say and so does this song. Really revitalises my mind.
I wish the original GNR never broke up. They made some awesome music (the one that made “Appetite for Destruction”, which had Steven Adler at drums instead of Matt Sorum who replaced him from the next album onwards and changed the sound of GNR from hard rock to heavy metal, though this line up also made some brilliant music).
“She has got a smile that it seems to me
Reminds of childhood memories…”
The lyrics can be found here
People not listening to Rock and Metal really are missing a lot…


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my own favs sweet child of mine and one are in ur list toooooo....

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