Towards Kochuveli!

Iam finally relieved of the burden of my seminar. So I can start blogging more freely now! Seminar went quite decently. Stammered my way through to the end and no questions from Anju Miss and Manoj. They were confused, stupefied and dazed by my topic. Google File System. Ill write more about that later. Now Lets get into the tour report.

The night before the tour was mostly spent with deciding who will pick up whom etc. Lot of passing the doll and by 11pm it was finalised that Sreenath would pick me up from my home. He would pick up Jackie and Divakar too. So he said he would come around 7:45 am the next day.
The train was scheduled at 8:45.

So I was ready and waiting by 7:30. But he was a little late and I had to bear the ire of my mom and she was worried he must have forgotten about me!!!
Finally by 8:10 he came and I waved good bye to my folks. I felt a pang seeing their sad faces. My dad was on the verge of tears I guess.
So we embarked to Kochuveli. It was a little far off than I had thought. Sree sped through the highway and we actually reahed the goods terminal instead of the passenger terminal and had to go some more distance.

We arrived at the station and almost all were there. Divya and Nisha had come to see us off and so did Gopakumar Sir.
Some interesting stuff happened in the Railway Station. With Thakkudu in full form its always fun. Bonny had been ribbed by Kozhi, Colonel and Thakkudu, they had decided to wear shorts to the railway station and poor Bonny kept his word and others didnt. The parents were surely eyeing him suspiciously.

I actually thought of getting a shot at Bonny by saying Gopu was taking attendance and I almost took him to Gopu, butdidnt have the heart to get him in front of sir.

The train had not yet reached the platform and Jackies Dad went to investigate (he is in the railways). And we made a declaration and that we will "take care" of railway employees and their children if the train didnt come soon.

Train had a maintenance trouble so we started only at 10 am. Prasanth, Baadi and other kidilams were there. They had an alternate tour plan. Fuck them! As we started Prabodh became senti and cried along with kidilams. On the show off of consoling one of us actually caressed Gopu's head!

So we started of the journey. The compartment was pretty empty. Jackie's Dad was going to Kollam and was on the same compartment.
He said his characteristic ma**re in an usual tussle and his dad mustve heard it too.
SO the train rolled off.

Next: Chalo Dehi!


Anonymous said...

gr8 work naru

kickassso said...

what was your seminar about dude?

Unknown said...

Google File System for High Performance Linux Clusters

Anonymous said...

i did mine on audio systems:D
google is coming recruiting ..with good pay too.......interested?

Unknown said...

I know u are an audiophile from your blog ;)
Hmmm, Google! I dont think they would be interested in my academics though its my favourite company.

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