Tour Report-III (Decaying society)

Later that night we reached some stations and a couple of boys got in. Very dirty and we were afraid of them being thiefs. Then one of them got into the bathroom and locked up.
Second Boy: Woh beedi pee raha he!
The boy came out of the toilet after a while and we continued our vigilant watch. Then they took off their shirts and started sucking on it with some thing balled up.
Then Nitin came along, our Hindi Bhai, and queried the boys with his characteristic charm.
Nitin: Kya bhoonk raha he?
Boys: Nashaaa!
Nitin: Kya Nasha?
After a while the boys opened up and spoke about them.
They were Bhuvan and Nagraj. They were 10 years old and sweepers in Baroda Station and was hitching a ride. First we thoughtthey were taking some drugs. But they showed the bottle. It was a whitener cleaner! Very poisonous stuff. They poured it into their shirts and started to suck it up. They had got some curd from some passenger and was eating it in a nauseating manner. Curd relieves kick and the boys lost the kick and they doped themselves again. They told they would get off at baroda station. We held our watch though and after a while both fell asleep in a high and had to kick them awake when Baroda came. They were barely able to stand by then. I entered the bathroom to check and found the smell was not of tobacco but some other shit. The kids were into dope so early in their life!
Shame on the pushers who give them drugs, the shops sell them the remover perfectly knowing how these guys are going to use it. The kids will probably die when they are in to their late teens or turn into hooligans who will do anything for a shot of dope. May be rioter/victim in the next Gujarat riots?
Really this tour has shown us the life beyond our sandboxes and the decomposing state of our nation.


naveen said...

Decaying society indeed!!!!! even the educated people r getting into fufu and gugu's,then why shldnt the poor uneducated people?????

kickassso said...

da same shit happens in tvm...substance abuse...:|
only tht they use other things

Unknown said...

fufu and gugu are not poison,they are intoxicants with side effects. The kids were having pure poison. If they decide to ingest it then they are dead.

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