Tour Report -II

Let me continue with the tour report.
We boarded the Samparkranti Express and was on our way to Delhi. After an initial chaos while settling down everything did, well... settle down. The compartment was a new one and void of any "artistic impressions" except for one pornograffiti in the toilet. We decided to set aside two end coupes (we had 5) to the guys and sandwich the girls in the other 3. Also some of the sideberths would be taken by the guys. These arrangements would be for the night and all of us hung around wherever we wished throughout the journey.
First of all some of us changed into our halfpants (well I guess only me and Nitin at first) and had our breakfast. it involved a lot of skillful manipulations to get the appropriate nutrition. In other words Kaiyittu Vaaral from others. After finishing their food we got ours and ate it peacefully.
Nothing much happened for some time. The Familiar landscape of Kerala was really feeding me the nostalgic feelings I would be getting in the next fortnight. In Kannoor Station, Vineeth brought Biriyanis for us to eat. He was really godsend as the catering in this train was awful as these guys were Delhi based and the items were really bland.
The days were spent playing cards (Ass and sometimes Rummy) and absolutely no reading, though I had carried several paperbacks, interleaved with some antakshari and generally hooliganising the train.
The Train passed through Konkan route but it was in the night so nothing was really visible. We would be returning through this route in daylight though. Near the city of Bombay we got to ate Vada Paav which was really good.
Then on about the night we reached Gujarat and saw the amazing infrastructure of Reliance Petrochemicals. Hats off to you Ambani!
( I have been holding this draft for some 3 weeks now! Sorry for the delay.)