Series Sam!

Serious Sam is one of my favourite games. The game has a non pretentious and goofy storyline just to set the tempo of the game. The game is nothing but pure mayhem with brainless and bizarre creatures coming to kill you in bizzillions. My series tests are also on a similar vein.

6 subjects, its teachers, the invigilators etc are enough to drive one crazy. Situation similar to the firefights in Serious Sam.I would really like to pick up a chain gun and massacre them all.

Just before this series our s5 supplementary results had come. Didnt get 2 papers: Microprocessor and Computer Hardware Design. I have absolutely no excuse for flunking in MP. Gopakumar Sir, the best teacher inour college taught the subject and I know the shit pretty well as well. Then I wonder how the hell did I flunk?

CHD is another matter altogether. It was taught by a certain Dujala (its her real name!) who was ne of the worst (if not THE worst) teacher. She had no subject knowledge and we used to quarrel all the time. Had a pretty rough time with her. So it was no surprise that I flunked the first time and the second time too I expected the same.

So my mom said we have to visit the three navarathri pooja temples as only God can help me now ! (like god doesnt have anything else to do!)

First we went to the Saraswathy Mandapam near Padmanabha Swami Kshetram. Thankfully, I wore a dhothi as it is compulsory there. But regret fully I didnt take any Neiruthu( Shawl). I had to walk around the entire place half nude. Though I didnt have any problem with that, mom said we would buy a thorthu. It cost a 15 bucks for a small piece of cloth!

Inside the mandapam some cute girls were dancing! (Devi! Please forgive me!)
I think I was the only male in the 18-30 demographic. It was a queer feeling. On top of it people were rushing for absolutely no neccessity.
While getting out of there I realised I havent visited Kuthiramaalika in my life! It is said to be a must see in our city. And its been a while since I visited Padmabha Swamy as well.

After that we decided to walk through the Chalai Market to the temple in Aryasala. I think the corporation should ban the vehicular traffic in the market area. It would certainly reduce the rush there.

We entered the temple. There was a big silver horse there.
Mom said to me "Look its the silver bull in which Kumara Swamy sees the city."
Me: "It looks like a horse to me!"
Mom: "yes it is!"
I placed a rose and some camphor at its foot and stroked its mane, 'Nice horsey!'

The last temple on our list was Chenthitta Temple. The rush was more inside that temple.
We went to my Aunts house after that. I still havent got the time to give them the stuff I bought during the tour. Its been two weeks!

All these happened the day before the tour. And my series test? Much "better" than I ever wrote! Ill flunk for the first two and probably for the rest too!!!

Licking my would be wounds!