"Why Rock?"

"Why Rock?"

Most people ask this question when they see my mail id, user id etc.

The answer I tell them is that Iam Rock Solid.

Only I know it is far from the truth.

I had a fascination for the name Rocky from my childhood. I had written an essay in 2nd Standard (7years) abou my pet dog. I had no pets then (still I don't have one) and so I wrote the essay with Rocky as my dog. I often wonder why I choose this name.

When I saw the movie Rocky and flowingly I had a relapse. I had watched the cartoon when I was really small ( may an episode or so in Doordarshan. Iam not sure) and only thing I remember was the chanting "Rockyyyy Rockyyyy" and that might embedded into my memory.

Also I became a big fan of The Rock (WWE/Movie Star) in the late 90's. I simply loved him for his Athletism and his Charisma and his Name. So in school I started to call myself Rock. This has continued till date.

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Erosimian said...

hey man!

nice blog!

i am gonna link u.

watch out for lots of comments!

-Poison- said...

the ppls' elbow rocks !!!

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