Rooom Wars:Episode IV Attack of the Ecitons

"Onward March!", screamed the sixlegged Atabash.

"Aye Sir!", The soldiers replyed in Unison to their leader.

"Gotta reach the isolated plateau of the Grihandus by Morhua. Speed up!", Atabash commanded.

Me gone Mad???

Not really.

Its just that an army of ants have invaded by desktop.
Worse still they are having a free run inside my keyboard!
Hope nothing bad happens. I guess I will vaccuum the place in the morning. Can anyone tell the consequences of an ant attack?


Eciton : A type of Ant.

Grihadon: The escape key.

Morhua: A unit of Ant time equivalent to 30 human seconds.


Erosimian said...

hey man!

nice 1....

grihandus? :O

where did u get those names from?

Unknown said...

Just cooked it up!

haris said...


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