Lonngfellow (LW) has been utterly devastated by his lack of technical know-how after spending a good couple of years being a solutions engineer. He is determined to learn and make a case for a seat in the highest echelons of geekhood. What does that mean? My net browsing is limited on my phone (yay wifi!) for a long period on an off day.

LW has suitably tired after an exhausting study session. I am gobbling down some delicious Fish Biriyaani courtesy LW, who got me a parcel since I was on a long work call. Delicious I tell you! The best biriyaani in Continental Spice has to be Fish Biriyani. Mutton is a definite no-no, Chicken is kind of so-s0. Back to LW and his research.

"Aaayaaeeiii", bellows LW. I honestly cannot decipher this. He makes this noise when he is bored or amused.

LW opens Google. Takes images. Types sh.

"Shakeela?", I suggest helpfully, so does Google.

LW smirks, "No one can beat Shriya!"

Types in, hits enter, and ogles at the results. Opens a picture with her assets remarkably pronounced.

"Yummy!", says me munching on a good piece of fish. LW smiles, laughs, and does his routine aaaah.

"Who to search next?", quips LW.

Types in Jennifer Lopez and proceeds to ogle at different asset this time. Longfellow is determined to salvage her sex tape and is unsuccessful.

"Who is that spanish like actress?", queries a disappointed LW.

My heart called out of Penelope Cruz, but my mind said (especially since this is LW who is asking) Salma Hayek. I told him the same.

"Right!", says LW with his trademark 120 W smile. Proceeds to ogle at more assets!

"You know what she said in an interview? Name a good interviewer!", LW is lost in thought.

"Sreekantan Nair?", I give a helpful suggestion.

"Che! English one! Yes, Letterman.", LW is pleased and smiling again.

"What about Letterman?", my curiousity is peaked especially since Letterman is pretty cool.

"She told the story about her boobies. When she was a girl, all others of her age had boobies. She didn't. She went and prayed in a church and told God to give her boobies. Apparently that church was a miracle church!", says LW lost in those holy assets.

"Miracle indeed!"

Bikini-clad Salma Hayek, as Santanico Pandemon...Image via Wikipedia

This lead me to think about the eternal question tormenting every second person in this world. Whats with men and boobs! The same issue is hilariously portrayed in the movie Notting Hill:
Anna: What is it about men and nudity? Particularly breasts? How can you be so interested in them?
William: Well...
Anna: I mean, seriously- they're just breasts, every second person has them. They're odd looking, they're for milk from your mother. What's all the fuss about?
William: Hmm...let me take a look!