Don't tell me you are not! Absconding for a month and back with several posts in a single day? Lack of updates is owing to a mixture of lazy and busy. Umm...this is a moot point if there is no one reading this! Anyways, I am very much active on Twitter and discovered Posterous through Twitter.

Posterous is the simplest blogging platform I have ever seen. Recently, I have been posting a lot of short stuff there, like I used to do an year back here. Since Posterous auto-posts to Twitter, I get a reasonable amount of user feedback and comments on the fly.

This got me thinking and the final nail was the import facility from Blogger. I imported all my posts to Posterous (Comments are not yet done, but they say its coming!). Posterous also auto-posts to Blogger (and a large number of other services). From now on, my posts will be appearing here as usual. But I will be posting through Posterous. There will be a lot of activity owing to my penchant of posting the small stuff I find in my daily routine. There will be longer posts as usual. But these will intermittent, much like my current level of updates.

Now, what does it mean for you, the faithful "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind" reader? Nothing much! You can read it from here or from my current RSS feed. But I would prefer you to subscriber to my Posterous RSS feed, since it would contain galleries and stuff like that.

This blog has seen my blood, sweat, and tears over the last 4 years. It will continue to be! One day, I may just merge the blogs and move it over to a single domain with the Posterous engine.

So, without further ado say hello to Pain on the Posterior!