Bye Bye Bush!

At last! Good riddance! I can't believe I was rooting for this asshole in 2000. Have a look at this Onion article for how Bush had planned this all along for the betterment of USA! We can be sarcastic, livid, or sad depending on our nature; but George Bush has been a plague upon this earth. Lets face the facts. President of USA is the most powerful man on Earth. There is no questioning that. Spider Man's uncle once said, "With great powers come great responsibility." In the hands of this Baboon, power was misused and a country was misled to a great strife. His so called "War against terror!", alienated and disillussioned a large number of young men. They were made excellent fodder for the fanatical religious leaders.

No matter how much we speak about equality in this world, everyone should acknowledge the fact that it is us geeks that make the world. Dubya was so successful in disenfranchising young geeks that they channeled their efforts for the most heinous crimes committed in the name of God. It would not be appropriate to put all the blame on Bush, but he is the one who is most responsible due to the power he wields.

I am glad it ends today. I will be happier if he is put on trial for his crimes. The chances of having that and me growing a pair of wings are the same! Glad to see Obama becoming the President. He is one person who actually feels like a person more than a politician. A true leader. I don't expect him to walk on water and make water into wine. I hope he would use his power to serve the American people than poke his nose into unnecessary stuff and make the weapons carter richer.

To all the people equating Obama to Mayawati. Fuck you! The bitch lady whored snuggled her way up, swims in extorted money, and cries "Dalit" when she is cornered. Obama on the other hand worked with the communities leaving a lucrative career in law and never hinted to people that they vote for him because he is black. Enough said! Don't belittle a fine man!


Praveen said...

as U said, hope the cruel fool is tried for his crimes...
and yeah, Obama provides a lot of hope for US as well as all the other countries which are affected by their actions..

Mayawati..shit!!!!how can we compare her with Obama..

Bandanna Club said...

You said it. Good riddance to the idiot! Let's hope Obama can pick up a good number of the pieces.

In honor of this special day, we present you with a farewell poem to Bush. Enjoy.

Good post - keep on bloggin'

ajay said...


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Arun said...

For a man who walks with a big load of hopes on his shoulders,Obama has a difficult road ahead of him thanks to Mr.W

mikimbizi said...

Glad to have stumbled into this wonderful, crazy space of urs

Rockus said...

@praveen: I wouldn't bet my money on Bush being tried!

@Bandanna Club: Great poem man!

@Arun: Obama himself has acknowledged that fact. Things will get tough.

@mikimbizi: Glad that you are here! :)

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