Editorial Integrity? Bah!

Rediff is becoming a haven for bad editing these days. Writing is sometimes bad, but there have been some really good articles lately, such as  The forums are filled with nothing but crap. Comment moderation is a total farce. But more importantly, there have been several severely opinionated articles gracing the front page lately. A prime example is an article on Nano and Moditva. When you click the link, this particular article appears as though its part of the news section or more specifically the Money section of Rediff News. The article is nothing but a venom spewing, right wing thrashing work from a guy who is probably a pseudo-secularist-intellectual. I have nothing against people posting their view points. But, a portal like Rediff should never take sides in sensitive issues and have some editorial integrity. Atleast, if their intentions are the same as I mentioned, it should be explicitly stated and probably a short bio of the author should be given. A news site should never appear to endorse statements and arguments which have very little merit. Just go through the article and you will grasp my point.

Where are the editors? I hope the comment moderators have not taken over the editorialship as well!


Praveen said...

its happening quiet often, even in news channels. In the name of news, they are propagating their own opinion. The word 'unbiased' has disappeared from their dictionary

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