Need a Title!

A little poem I typed in my mobile phone while I was in Ahmedabad. Typically short so that my fingers wouldn't get tired by tapping! This was inspired by several things in my life, but was catalysed after seeing a vegetable salesman pushing his kart at a blistering speed through the streets of Ahmedabad. He was nearly travelling on his cart! I would like to have a good title. Please suggest!

Knock I knock on this closed door,
Wish I do once it does gore.
Know I do then it wont go ajar,
For then and on for eons afar.

Minds are to be won at times with a fight,
And may take my juice and might,
Fight on I will with no rest,
Until I make a sire from the guest.

Yearn I may for things I love,
But never bow myself down and grove,
March on I will to get whats mine,
Up and around even when the stars start shine.


Anonymous said...

That's a nice one! Cute. :)
Mani Karthik

Praveen said...

what abt "the unvanquished" for a title...

anyway good one man

Unknown said...

@mani karthik: Thanks!

@praveen: Thats a great title! I think I will take that...

@jeeja: Thanks for the 5 stars! ;-) The name Destinere seems good too...

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