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Taking a break from memoirs and doing a tag after a long, long time. Got this from here.

10 Things I've realized/ 10 realizations

  1. I am susceptible to negative emotions ala jealousy, possessiveness etc etc. Big surprise for a someone who is nearly altruistic most of the time!
  2. I process a huge amount of information everyday. 75% non-work and 25% work. Blame Google Reader for this! Lots and lots of posts everyday. If I happen to read a book, the volume goes up by a lot.
  3. I have quite a strong gut and is able to see gross stuff more than an ordinary guy.
  4. I don't sound that good on phone. :-<
  5. I am a Challenger (The link is a small pdf of 84 KB, definition of Challenger is there in page 130). Came to know about this after a team building programme I attended last week.
  6. I am very lazy when it comes to things affecting me. :-D
  7. I tend to think a lot and deduce crazy stuff!
  8. I cannot sit idle.
  9. Life is something not to be taken that seriously.
  10. I like cold beer!
9 things I'm glad about.
  1. My family. You cannot decide who you want to be as your parents and I am glad I got mine.
  2. Friends I have. Few in number maybe, not so few in care.
  3. The decisions I have taken in my life so far.
  4. Enjoying my life to the max.
  5. My ability with words.
  6. My workplace. Surprised, much? :-)
  7. Being an Indian. Living in a multicultural society with exposure to such diversity. It would be really bland to live in a place where singularity prevails.
  8. Having banana chips while writing this!
  9. That reminds me...Glad about having a roof over my head, clothes on my body, food inside my stomach, and the warmth of being loved. The most important point.

8 Things I badly wanna (do)
  1. Write more.
  2. Read more.
  3. Watch more movies.
  4. Listen to more music.
  5. Take a couple of days off to read and write, then another couple to do some urgent stuff I should be doing.
  6. To travel a lot. Kailash Yatra is a big dream for me. Even otherwise, I would like to travel to a lot of exotic places.
  7. Shed some weight.
  8. Complete some stuff I seriously ought to be doing.

7 Things I often tell myself.
  1. Be Good and Do Good. E.T style. :-)
  2. Read More
  3. Write More
  4. Stop thinking too much!
  5. Wake up early.
  6. Start exercising.
  7. Not everybody appreciates your swearing. :-D
6 people I wanna thank. No mutual thanking.
  1. Mom
  2. Dad
  3. Grandma
  4. Friend 1
  5. Friend 2
  6. Friend 3
5 things I believe in.
  1. Me
  2. My intuition
  3. Miracles and Magic (depends on your perspective about the definition of miracle or magic!)
  4. Love
  5. Spirituality. (I am not your run of the mill swami worshiper! I believe in the spiritual side of human beings.)
4 people I tag

Don't quite have a blogger ring now. Still lets see... Resmi (Let this be your first tag!), Poison, Darth Fragger, and the Fellowship (its been a very long time dudes and dudettes! Lets do this for old times sake!)

3 Confessions
  1. I can be a dumb ass at times.
  2. I can make up really believable lies and excuses.
  3. I hate the objectivist philosophy developed by Ayn Rand. Too individualistic for my taste.

2 Promises
  1. Will not make a promise that I am sure I cannot keep.
  2. Always keep Promise 1.
1 That's exclusively yours. can write anything.

Introspective exercise for dummies!


Rajiv Nair said...

I'm with you on objectivism. Sounds like a systematic excuse to be selfish IMHO

Unknown said...

@rajiv: Absolutely! Couldn't have put it better! Objectivism: Systematic excuse to be selfish.

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