The One with the Disclaimer

Disclaimer: The following is post a compilation of some mad ideas that cropped up in my head after a very heavy dinner from Park Rajadhani. Any resemblance to any women living or dead is entirely coincidental and a fabric of the reader's imagination, even if it somehow became true!

What was God thinking when he made women? May be he thought, men needed to have an ultimate question for which when the answer is found, the question simply changed!

Some snippets I have observed over a long period of time. Nothing personal, some general observations. The 'She' does not in anyway encompass the entire female race!

She: He is too cute. I don't like cute guys.
She: If only he was cute...

She: He is so serious. I like guys who are playful.
She: Will he ever grow up? Always playful and childish.

She: He does not talk much. I like talkative guys.
She: God! Please! Will he ever shut up???

She: I don't like guys who constantly attend to me. Don't they have a life?
She: I like guys who think I am the world.

She: I like guys are who are organized and efficient.
She: Organized guys are too controlling. I hate them!

She: Guys need to be manly.
She: Why don't they like girly stuff?

I don't think I quite pulled this one off :-D

Case of the Missing Dot

A digg story on a tragedy that ensued due to the improper localization of cellphone software.The surreal mistake happened because Ramazan sent a message, and Emine's cellphone didn't have a specific character from the Turkish alphabet: the letter "ı" or closed i. While "i" is available in all phones in Turkey—where this happened—the closed i apparently doesn't exist in most of the terminals in that country.The use of "i" resulted in an SMS with a completely twisted meaning: instead of writing the word "sıkısınca" it looked like he wrote "sikisince." Ramazan wanted to write "You change the topic every time you run out of arguments" (sounds familiar enough) but what Emine read was, "You change the topic every time they are fucking you" (sounds familiar too.)Needless to say, the girls father was enraged and accused the guy for treating her daughter as a whore. Guy went to apologies only find his wife's family armed with knives. At the end of the commotion guy was heavily wounded and the girl died. The guy killed himself later on.Improper localisation and moronic behavious led to the end of a family. Improper localisation can be cured by implementing good communication practices. How about moronic behaviour?

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Digg tries to get a date

Something I haven't seen in my life yet. A dangerous way to ask for a date to be frank. With over 9000 people and counting waiting for the girl's reaction.To cut the story short:A guy wants this beautiful hot girl as a date for their prom. He asked her and she said no. He takes snaps of him with cards asking her out (although I haven't seen it yet due to websense in office). He wanted to show his conviction by landing this on the digg front page. A very difficult task mind you. Digg community steps in and just diggs away to glory. 9059 diggs as I am writing this, in just around 8 hours, with 1150 comments! This is massive! Still no word from the girl though. I really hope she doesn't let go of him. There is a comment about them which may be true:She is a really great girl with douchebag boyfriend who dumped her before the prom. This guy is her best friend and a nerd. She has said no to the date for the prom. I really wish she does say Yes to him. Yeah...I know its stupid. Sometimes its better to be stupid in matters of heart.

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