Taare Zameen Par

Merry Christmas everybody!

For this christmas I got to watch a gem of a movie. Taare Zameen Par. The directorial debut of Aamir Khan. No first time hitches. No fancy camera shots. Just a simple and superb work. The star of the movie is the kid who plays the protagonist Ishant Avasthi. Speechless is the word to be used for his performance. Kudos goes to all the actors and the perfect casting made the movie makers. Music is awesome. I haven't enjoyed the work of Shankar Ehsaan Loy this much this much for a very long time.

The story is something everyone can relate to at least some level. Pressure on kids to be assembly made products. Lack of genuine affection (rather lack of display I think). Artwork in the movie is absolutely amazing. I can babble on and on, but I think the movie has had a profound impact on me at a personal level. Not many movies have been able to do that.

I hope Aamir does more movies like this and I am sure he will. Hope this movie gets all the recognition it deserves. :-)


A sudden aberration to a lovely life?
A sudden relief from a wretched life?
Anyway its gonna be sudden.

Just heard Dream Theater's Pull me Under. A beautiful song about death. The ending is fascinating. It stops while the song is in full play. You have to listen to grasp it!

"Every breath you take is one less to your last..."


I have decided to write more. For that I have to move beyond the usual crap I dish out every month! This time a website review. Just for you!

I am a news freak. I read a lot about all the useful and useless stuff. I browse through the rss feeds in Google Reader, visit news sites (usually ibn), get my daily fix of digg etc. Not that I assimilate everything, its rather in the moment thing. I do recollect stuff if really required.

Personalised news is something I like. Google News does provide a bit of that, still I think its not cool enough.

What do I want from such a site?
a) Personalisation (duh!)
b) Ability to save certain stuff for future reference.
c) Great interface.
d) A degree of coolness!

Digg provides the facility to view the stories you dugg. But the navigation is a mess and its a big pain to go through all that. Google Reader lets you star the stuff you want. But still it has got something missing.

Enter Tiinker!

Tiinker is a personalised news service which constantly learns what you want and delivers the same. Its in closed private beta, so there are bound to be issues. From all the 30 minutes I have seen of this thing, it is really great. Meets all the criteria I have listed above.

The interface is really usable and looks clean. Seamless web 2.0 navigation is lovely and very fast. Stories are neatly stacked in a readable manner. You vote up the article you like and vote down the ones you don't. Tiinker learns from your preferences and delivers news accordingly.

There is also a functionality called scrapbook. Each story has a scrapbook icon with which you can mark the items. These are then available in your scrapbook.

There are several categories under which the news items are pooled. I think there can be several more categories or subcategories ala digg. First thing I did was vote down the irrelevant articles. Many of them are american centric and the sports page was completely american. NBA, NFL, NHL stuff with one item about ICL. Hopefully, the filters does kick in and I get to enjoy the stuff I really want.

Now for the wishlist.

A friends network, with several groupings possible. News sharing. Also, sharing of stuff with specific people. But I don't want too much networking. Just share and do your own stuff. May be a widget to get your shared stuff to Orkut, Facebook etc would be cool thing too.

Am I asking for too much? Lets see how things pan out.

Anyway, I enjoyed using Tiinker and I hope its accessible from work. Want an invite? Just drop a line! :-)

I really enjoyed writing about this and I think for the next post we will talk about Wixi.

End of Green Park?

The biggest incentive working in Technopark for me is the environment. The lush green surrounding always calm me whenever I am stressed out. There are so many birds around that I hardly know the name of many. I don't find them even in the rural areas! I don't know whether there are any true villages remaining in Kerala. Anyway, lets come back. There are so many mongooses here. Practically unafraid of us humans. They often come near inquisitively. I like them a lot (Reminds me of Riki Tiki Tawi!). But also I get an irrational fear about snakes when I see them. May be because on days I sit late, I take a short cut to the main road. Through an unlit kacha road with a canal nearby.

I am just drifting on and on I guess. I am deeply disturbed by the latest plans by the Technopark authorities. They are planning to cut a large number of trees to build a new parking space and construct yet another road. Good plans on that parking, its a big issue. But I just can't accept the fact that they are cutting down so many trees! The biggest selling point of Technopark is the ambiance. If thats gone, then this place becomes soulless. I hated the artificiality of certain SEZs I saw in Bangalore and I dread the same will happen here too. Cut them all down and bring in some readymade trees for landscaping!

I wish it would remain the same. I take a walk among these trees on those fucking stressed weekends. Just taking a stroll sometimes or sitting on the stone benches. Having phone conversations sitting there...Chatting up with friends during the lunch breaks. We invariably take an extra half an hour getting to office on those days!

Those days seem to be coming to an end. Trees replaced by concrete beams... Mongooses replaced by cars and bikes...A necessary evil? May be...May be not...

A friend of mine sent a mail to the head of Technopark and he replied that it also pained him and they were felling only 10 trees. I could see that figure as around 50! May be just considers those trees which are higher than 50 feet as trees and coconut trees as some decorative palm! I don't know whether they are planning this expansion with future enhancements in mind. I hope they do, or Technopark could just end up being a barren wasteland with concrete monsters and heartless people.

I took a few snaps of the massacre. The quality is not that great and the same goes for the photographer!

And a small video to boot.
The irregular blogger is back! For the umpteenth time!
So how ya doin?

Me been watching Friends (the sitcom) back to back for around 2 months now! Apart from that nothing much happening. Work, home, nightouts once in a while, second show movies, booze parties once a month, other than that just thinking the head through!

Decided to decide upon something I want to do next year. Thinking of studying something. Has to do something! :-D

Long Time...

Howdy Blog?

Its been a real long time!

Updates coming soon!

Happy Birthday!

John Lennon

One of the best singer-songwriters ever...Atleast for me!

(Sorry John, you are not my favourite Beatles though!)


Typing as I go on
May make no sense on its own
When you are burning through
You wish the time just flew...

Feeling so alone...
Repentance they say will make all right,
But for me its nothing but left...

What do I do now?
Whats mine is not with me
May not be again...
All that left are the memories...

Memories of laughter...
The pleasure...
The pain...
The parting...


Yay!!! India won!!!
A thrilling tournament has come to an end and our boys won a crunching game. Pakis played well, infact I thought we were a goner with those sixes in the end. Misbah is a great player in the making and Pakistani bowlers were exemplary. Gambhir should have won the man of the match. Irfan Pathan bowled well, but Gambhir's batting was really good. He, Rohit Sharma and Misbah showed the world that 20-20 is not just about slogging. They played really good cricket shots. None of the sloggers lived to tell the tale to be frank.
Dhoni is showing amazing character and in time he can be a great captain. Aggressive, but not in the irritating way Ganguly was. Are these young boys ready for big time? Hmmm...I think they should be introduced little by little, rather than completely thrusting them into the big scene at the expense of our senior players. My 2 rupees.
The biggest thing that I saw. Something I thought would never happen. My father was watching the game intently. Learning the game by God! And he couldn't watch the final over and went outside the room. After the game was over, he came and told, "I was praying to God. And Krishna was winking at me!" (A rather cute statue of Krishna is there in our drawing room.) 20-20 has made him a cricket fan!
This format is here to stay and pretty exciting too. Now that I am getting older, I don't think I will ever be able to watch a 100 over match, unless its on a holiday. You never know when you get an exciting match. But this format is rocking to be frank. Come home after work at around 7. Match on! Watch it your family with some good food or watch it with your friends with some good drinks!
Waiting eagerly for IPL. I hope they kick ass! Also I hope ICL will be good too. Competition always makes the product better!
Ciao and congrats to Team India again!

Happy Vinayaka Chathurthi!

Happy Vinayaka Chathurthi to all of you out there!
Just wanted to share a cute picture I got as forward yesterday. Made me laugh eventhough things were pretty grim at office.

5 Signs You Are On Autopilot

Read this wonderful entry from the Life hacker feed. Got me to ponder quite a bit.
I was on autopilot for many years. Sure, I was traveling through life
with my eyes open and my hands on the wheel. But it seemed as if I was
heading toward some pre-determined destination that had been chosen for
me by others. In addition, it seemed that whenever I turned the wheel
to guide me toward this destination, that there was no conscious
thought behind my actions.
That really sums up our life these days. Life predetermined. When something goes awry we are very much disturbed as if our world has ended. Our spirit seems to have lost its quality. Mechanical life takes the sheen out of our spirits. Enough mambo jambo. Lets get to the questions to determine whether my life is on autopilot or not.

1. You know exactly where you will be in 5 years (and it depresses you!)

Actually, I have no idea where I will be 5 years. I have got to an excellent start as a Technical Writer and without reservation I can say that I am quite good. But, other avenues are winking at me and I have a broad avenue of interests. Thinking about my future after 5 years does not depress me from a professional angle in any way.
2. Your career is what your parents wanted you todo
Never! My parents where dead against me going into an uncharted territory. My parents really want me to get into the civil service, something which is not beyond my capability. But civil service has never appealed to me ever since I became knowledgeable regarding the real world, say 11-12 years old. But my parents have full faith in me and I have full faith in my instincts. Latter has not failed the former in either case till date.
3. You went straight from school to college to work
This is not applicable to people like me who needs to work or study unless either option cannot be found. I cannot spend an year away just like that!
4. You did well in school and automatically chose a college course
that was the hard to gain acceptance into (eg medicine or law)
I didn't do well in school. So Not Applicable. :-D
5. Your interests and/ or hobbies are all the same as from when you were a child
Hmmm...one hobby that has remained throughout my life has been reading. I enjoy it a lot. As long as there is good stuff to read, it will never end. Others have changed over the period of time. My latest hobby is to collect movie trilogies! Finished Oceans series and LOTR. Will finish Indy Jones today. Will be taking up Star Wars soon.

Sooooo...whats the result?
Am I on autopilot?
As some would say "Ithoru rogamaano doctor??"

I think that I am not on autopilot. What about you??? Anyone wishing to take up as a tag? ;-)

Tagged and Taken

Getting a little too lazy these days...No work and No play makes Rockus a very dull boy. Got tagged by Freebird. I guess I should be doing that now.
1.Pick out a scar you have, and explain how you got it.
Hmmm...got a couple of scars invisible to others. Got a nasty 8 stitch just above my eye, in my eyebrow infact. Not visible until closely (very) observed. I got it on June 12 1991, when I turned 7 years old. I remember the date exactly. It was my birthday and the day of general elections. I went to vote with all the members in the family that morning. After the small cake cutting and all, I walked into a dark room. My aunt was sleeping on the floor. I tripped and banged my head against the edge of a cot. Started bawling and bleeding. I was taken to the hospital where they told to take me to the eye hospital. The doctor was sleeping. Considering that, she did a great job. The scar is invisible, unless I shave my eyebrow of... :-P
2.What does your phone look like?
Like a truck went over it! Numbers of the dialpad are not readable unless the backlight is there. It has been with me for 18+ months now. Clocked over 200 hours (reset once) of talk time. (I don't have really long conversations on a daily basis...)
3.What is on the walls of your bedroom?
Recently painted pink. A painting of Saraswathi by Raja Ravi Varma is hung on the wall.
4.What is your current desktop picture?
The default windows wallpaper! :-D
5. Do you believe in gay marriage?
I do. If two people want to live together, it should be alright for them to do so.
6.What do you want more than anything right now?
Hmmm...go on a trip by myself...somewhere far...a place with greenery...a place which is cool by day and cold by night...just to laze around and think all day...
7. What time were you born?
11:34 AM. :-D I know the precise time. Its there in my horoscope along with a small piece of paper with the date and time which was given to the astrologer.
8.Are your parents still together?
Yes. Thanks to the strength of my mother.
9.Last person who made you cry?
Someone who means a lot to me...But I am up and running again... :-)
10. What is your favourite perfume / cologne?
I do use Deo...which I pick up at random usually. The current one had a 30% extra tag and smelled nice. So I picked that one up.
11.What kinds of hair/eye color do you like in the opposite sex?
Black hair. Don't really like coloured hair. Reminds of me of beggars. Any eye colour is fine as long it is not red or violet or orange... :-P
12.What are you listening to?
"Minnalazhake" by Vineeth Sreenivasan. A really cool song and an awesome video to boot. Don't worry...I am still the same old rock and metal head! :-D
13.Do you get scared of the dark?
Rarely these days. The primal fear never really goes out. When I was kid, I was horrified and needed company even to go to toilet. :-D I am a big boy now and live all alone in an entire floor! ;-)
14.Do you like painkillers?
Never really take any. I take a Paracetamol when I get a fever. Otherwise its no drugs. I do have a high capacity to take pain. I do wince and go "oooh", but can take a lot of pain. Its like "Takes a licking. But keeps on ticking."
15.Are you too shy to ask someone out?
May be. Never really had the opportunity to do so.
16.If you could eat anything right now, what would it be?
Not particularly hungry. Had some beef fry, beef chilly, boiled egg and omelet (small share of everything) along with a shot of Brandy and a Beer. I would really like to have some HPMC apple juice though. (The one you get in the Museum and Railway Station)
17.Who was the last person that made you mad?
Salim Darr. The umpire who gave two bad decisions today. One against Sachin and the other against Dravid. I didn't check whether India lost or not. Will do that now.
18.Who was the last person who made you smile?
I think it was Dhanya. Listening to her reaction to my threats of blackmail. :-D

Anybody can take up this tag. Please do. According to a recent study by WHO, doing tags like this would definitely improve your health!

Freedom of Speech

On August 15th, I woke up and fired up my mail. Was really surprised to see a scrap by Rahul Easwar. If you don't know who he is, please google. I was even more surprised to see this as the scrap heading.
I checked out the blog he had mentioned and was horrified to be frank. It had the pictures of the great artist MF Hussain. The pictures of the nude hindu Goddesses. I had seen one of the pictures earlier and was not very affected. After all, artists should have freedom of speech. But after seeing the entire collection, I have to say that Hussain deserves all the flak that he is getting and more.
Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing. One should be able to speak ones mind without fear and should be able to create things one like. Freedom is a right. Creativity is a power that not everyone has. As it is said in Spider Man, "With great powers come great responsibility."
You can say that these Gods and Goddesses are just mythical fairy tales and pictures of models who lived in 19th century (as one commenter said in Rahul's blog). You can also say that there is no God and this is all bull shit. You can also cite the references from old temples about the promiscuous sculptures and paintings, and scream double standards. You can quote Voltaire and say, "I may disagree with what you have to say, but I shall
defend, to the death, your right to say it."
In fact I calm myself down in arguments by thinking this quote. But there is a vast majority of people who believe is God. Who take respite from religion. Pin their hopes and dreams in prayer. (People say give me solid proof that there is God. Why doesn't the reverse matter to them, the so called scientific methodologists who is said to welcome every question? That will be taken up in a future post.)
Back to our point.
The paintings and art in the old temples symbolized something other than just sex. Do a thorough study and you will find that there are not many (hardly any) art work showing the Gods having a gangbang. I believe it shows the joy of procreation. Assertion of the spiritual nature of sex.
There are millions of people who worship these Gods and Goddesses. There is one other thing every human being should be capable of. Empathy. The ability to understand another human being. It is a must have quality for a writer or an artist. These pictures hurt the feelings of the millions of Hindus. That should be reason enough not to create them. Oh! Its the Hindus we are talking about! Who cares about a fractured vote bank?
Remember the Prophet Mohammed cartoons? The hullabaloo over it? It was all about witty criticism and people bayed for the creators blood. The politicians condemned it. Do I smell double standards? Nah...I am just a right wing extremist who doesn't believe in secularism!
If there is so much creative freedom, let me start drawing cartoons of the women in the family of the so called "liberals". Mind you, I draw some mean ultra xxx rated cartoons. Ask my college mates!

Note: I am a libertarian. Some one benefiting from the global economy. But even a libertarian like me can be driven to intense hatred by these pictures. I was particularly incensed by the portrayal of Seeta banging on Hanuman's tail. If that is creative freedom, then anarchy would be better. Do read the blog I mentioned in the start and see for yourself.

Edit: The dumbass me forgot to mention the main reason behind the post. Hussain is going to get the Raja Ravi Varma award. The award in the name one of the greatest artists of all time. Hussain doesn't deserve this. I hope a mass petition is triggered and the government is dissuaded from doing such an idiotic thing. The involvement of a high profile person like Rahul Easwer can certainly help things and I hope it does help. Otherwise, it would a black mark in the name of a great son of Kerala like Raja Ravi Varma.


Wake alone in the hills
With the wind in your face
It feels good to be proud
And be free and a race
That is part of a clan
And to live on highlands
And the air that you breathe
So pure and so clean

When alone on the hills
With the wind in your hair
With a longing to feel ..
Just to be free

Is it right to believe
In the need to be free
Its a time when you die
And without asking why
Cant you see what they do
They are grinding us down
They are taking our land
That belongs to the clans

Not alone with a dream
Just want to be free
With a need to belong
I am a clansman .....freedommm

Its a time wrought with fear
Its a land wrought with change

Ancestors could hear
What is happening now
They would turn in their graves
They would all be ashamed
That the land of the free
Has been written in chains
And I know what I want

When the timing is right
Then I'll take what is mine
I am the clansman

And I swear to defend
And well fight to the end
And I swear that I'll never
Be taken alive
And I know that well stand
And well fight for our land
And I swear that my bairns will be born free

And I know what I want
When the timing is right
Then I'll take what I want
I am the clansman .....freedommm

And I know what I want when the timing is right
Then Ill take what is mine I am the clansman

No, no we can't let them take anymore
No we can't let them take anymore
We've the land of the free

Is it right to believe
In the need to be free
Its a time when you die
And without asking why
Can't you see what they do
They are grinding us down
They are taking our land
That belongs to the clans

Not alone with a dream
Just want to be free
With a need to belong
I am a clansman

And I know what I want
When the timing is right
Then I'll take what is mine
I am the clansman ...freedommm

Happy Independence Day everybody!

This is the song by Iron Maiden...Its almost like our own great nations current state!

Jai Hind!


I have been thinking up a lot of things to write, but when I finally get around to do it, I simply forget! Should find a cheap and mobile writing system! :-P
Life is going as it is. Excited about a new project we cooked up last week. Other than its just the same old dull, boring story.
Onam is here. It comes every year. Without fail. (I may be writing a little weirdly. Been reading the Hitchikers Guide to Galaxy series of novels. Blame Douglas Adams!) Went for shopping with my mother. The table has turned folks! This time yours truly have to buy clothes for the entire family! By family its not just me and my parents. Hmmm...lemme take a count: 4+4+4+2+2+2+1=19 plus or minus 1. The list includes ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, and children of all ages! So I am set back by 70% of my salary this month, with several bills pending payment.
Its all about family. Its worth every dime I spent. :-)

Cleaning Up...

After a considerably long period of time, my house is being painted. It all started with the door. One of our front doors (we have two! :-P) has been a dead state for some time now. Finally, after a seamlessly endless debate and my threat to try my strength on it, forced my father to hire some carpenters and make a new door.
The new one was made. But now the front doors looked a world apart. So we painted the other door as well. Now both the doors stick out and became quite an eyesore to a not so gracefully aged painted walls. Thats *not* pretty much the backstory on the decision.
Earlier also we had been discussing the painting thing and my parents sort of decided to do the painting when I get married. After seeing me ROTFL upon hearing this and my constant sneer and contempt when potential ladies are thrown in our conversation, must have made them decide the painting has to be done now. So yours truly is quite relieved to say the least. No one will blame him for not allowing his parents to paint the house! :-P
Now, the decision is welcome. But, I didn't quite realise what is in store for me. Cleaning up my room! :-O My 8 years of fiefdom has transformed this room into a zoo to say the least. To clean this I will have to call Mr.Hercules himself. I can ofcourse sit pretty doing nothing, but my prized possessions are under threat. Lots and lots of books, scraps of important paper like my identity cards in the various fests I have been in, CDs, DVDs and ofcourse some "very objectionable material" that I have seem to lost in this mess!
As usual I have not started the work and my mother is closing in every hour! She is finishing up room by room and by daybreak tomorrow all that will be left will be mine! Need to get my lazy ass up and box everything up!

Kerala is bad for your career?

Happened to read Silverine's post regarding the placement time in Kerala and about a relative being to unhappy that her daughter was placed only at a company in Technopark.
I was appalled after reading the comments predicting doomsday for those staying in Kerala. Granted there are not many companies as we can see in Bangalore or Hyderabad or Chennai, but it is totally unreasonable to say that there is no hope for the Kerala IT sector.
I work in a software product company in Technopark and I see a lot of things happening. To equate the political system with the IT sector in Kerala is total rubbish. The government can and should do a lot of things, but in spite of the minimal support the fact is that we are developing.
En route to office, travelling through the bypass, I see the sprawling lands taken up for the new Infosys campus. There are rumors of some dispute regarding the land allocation, but it will be coming up in the near future. There is a small bit of land taken up for the campus of a company called IVL and construction is going on for the same. The land acquired and being leveled for the expansion of Technopark.
As I enter the campus, I can see the construction for the new campus for IBS. The sign that points to the sprawling Thejaswini, the biggest building in the Technopark, getting ready to take in around 5000 professionals (I may be wrong on the number!).
I come to the office, hear about the new project that our company may get. A pretty big one and something the software service heavyweights cannot even dream of getting. Reading about the way we kicked the butt of industry heavyweights from abroad by securing some great deals.
Chatting with the fellow comrades. Bitching about our company and the pay. Listening to the rumors, interlaced with some truths regarding the deals others have landed. Going to the balcony for a cup of coffee around 11. I can see the 10 storeys of the new complex by Leela.
Traveling further from Kazhakootam. I can see the lands that will in due course of time, become the Technocity. Not much by the standards of the metros. But, its the small rivulets that builds a mighty river.
All these are happening in front of my eyes. I did not even mention the smart city. How many IT jobs can we see here? Atleast some 20-25K, probably much more. How many people indirectly benefiting? I cannot give an estimate on that.
Still...people say Kerala sucks!
About the frequent hartals and bandhs. IT sector is not affected and we work on those days too. Not very comfortable, still adjustustable.
The excuse they have given for such rash comments is that the government is doing nothing to stop the fever that has gone on to epidemic levels. So, is everything fine and dandy with the common people in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh? From what I gather, our people in Kerala live a better life. Government can act as a catalyst to the development. Even without it, development will take place, albeit at a slower pace.
There is a mass exodus of freshers to the various software service companies. For what? Majority of them are on benches enjoying the free pay package forsome time. Then they start working and at the end of one year they realise they haven't gone much further in terms of their skill. I for one would like to get paid for the work that I do and adequately so. I am not saying its entirely different in Kerala. But the fact is people leave the better jobs in Kerala based companies to go and sit in benches making new 7 wonders with pen and paper.
At the start of ones career I believe one has to find the best opportunity to do the best work. You are enthusiastic, does not have many distractions of a family life and can gain a lot of experience.
I chose a different career path from almost all my friends. In spite of being a decent coder I chose to become a technical writer. I have never regretted the decision to do so and have never regretted about the company I chose to work for. There are some issues, but all of that have been my own doing (for those of who know me personally). I can safely say that I have gained much better experience and has had better exposure than most of my peers. That has been through a company working at Trivandrum. Enough blah blah about me.
What the IT sector in Kerala lacks is the presence of global superstars. We don't have a Dell or HP or Oracle here. But we do have good companies with the prospects of many more coming in the near future.
At least the serene atmosphere of Technopark with a clean atmosphere is a pretty big reason to be happy working here. Seeing a mongoose run fearlessly through the bushes. Watching the mynas peck away. Hearing the sweet songs of the birds whose names yours truly is ignorant of. All these ease ones mind after a stressful period of work. Getting a really good and clean meal for as low 12 rupees. How many big metros can boast that?
As I said earlier, its not right to predict doom for the Kerala IT sector. Because the truth is otherwise.

Music Tag...Redone!

I was browsing through my old archives and found an old music tag that I had done. Name your top 10 most played bands on Last.fm and then answer some questions. My top ten list has changed considerably since then and I think its interesting enough (at least for me!) to do again. The 2006 June list is shown and the 2007 list is shown below. And the tag too!

The List as on June 2006

Name your top 10 most played bands on Last.fm

1. The Beatles -235
2. Led Zeppelin -144
3. AC/DC -138
4. Jethro Tull -110
5. Metallica -100
6. The Doors -92
7. System of a Down -91
8. Guns N' Roses -89
9. Paul McCartney -86
10. Black Sabbath -80

The list as on June 2007

Name your top 10 most played bands on Last.fm

1. The Beatles-1168 (retains the number 1 spot!)
2. The Doors-551 (jumps up 4 spots from number 6)
3. Led Zepellin-533 (marginally loses the number 2 spot)
4. Iron Maiden-337 (new entry)
5. Cream-324 (new entry)
6. Coldplay-264 (new entry)
7. Pink Floyd-246 (new entry)
8. Jethro Tull-208 (goes down 4 positions!)
9. Eric Clapton-203 (new entry)
10. Ramones-187 (new entry)

Woah! 7 new entries into the list! Even I didn't anticipate this!

So without any further ado, lets do the tag!

1.What was the first song you ever heard by 6?

The Scientist
. Probably saw the music video on T.V.

2.What is your favourite album of 2?

Their eponymous album, The Doors, a classic!

3.How many times have you seen 4 live?

Nope...Haven't seen any concerts...

4.What is your favourite song by 7?

I guess its Comfortably Numb. It is a sad, soothing song.

5.What is your favourite lyric that 2 has sung?

A difficult one indeed! I think I will go for the following lines from Crystal Ship.

The days are bright,
And filled with pain...
Enclose me in your gentle rain...

6.What is your favourite song by 9?

. Reason under nondisclosure! :-P

7.How did you get in to 3?

After hearing a lot about them.

8.What was the first song you heard by 1?

Hello Goodbye.I heard this in my windrows 98 Beatles desktop theme...this was the start up music...I used to restart just to hear this :P (A copy-paste from the last years tag! :-D)

9.What is your favourite song by 4?

Hallowed be thy name.
Arguably the best heavy metal song...ever!

10.How many time have you seen 9 live?


11.What is a good memory you have concerning 2?

Listening the doors and trying to sink into the meaning itself is a good memory.

12.Is there a song of 8 that makes you sad?

Hmmm...I don't really remember.

13.What is your favourite album of 5?

Disraeli Gears
, in my opinion.

14.What is your favourite lyric that 3 has sung?

There's a feeling I get when I look to the west
And my spirit is crying for leaving
In my thoughts I have seen rings of smoke through the trees
And the voices of those who stand looking

From Stairway to Heaven.

15.What is your favourite song of 1?

Well, there are so many great songs...I chose Getting better last time, this time I will go with With a little help from my friends.

16.What is your favourite song of 10?

53rd and 3rd.
May not be their best, but its my favourite!

17.How many times have you seen 8 live?

*sigh* I wish they come to Bangalore again!

18.What is your favourite album of 1?

Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band. Absolutely no doubt...the best album of all time!

19.Is there a song of 3 that makes you sad?

All of my love.
Plant wrote this song a memorial to his 5 year old son, who died while he was on tour. You can feel the pain in the words.

20.What is a great memory you have considering 9?

Nothing great as such...there is still time! ;-)


Couple of additions to the blog! Couple of new widgets from Last.fm. One list my top artists of the month and the second is a music player playing the songs I have playlisted. Player can either play the songs in their entirety in a shuffled mode or you can individually select the songs. In the latter event only a 30 second clipping will be played. Only a few soft songs has been selected for your auditory pleasure ;-) No hard rockers or heavy metal stuff!

And oh yeah! I turned 23 a couple of days back! So happy birthday to me!

Rock On...

El Driver!

It was about time...

Rockus looks like a brute and at times down right menacing! Someone who rides a H.O.G or a J.C.B! :-P

Reality...He has ridden/driven:

1. Suzuki Samurai at the Age of 15 (4 Yards)

2. Honda Activa at the Age of 21 (40 Yards)

3. Maruti 800 at the Age of 8 (400 Yards...if you count holding the steering as driving :-D)

The Ek Karod ka Sawaal!

What? Why? Why not? (granted there is three...but the booty is large enough to justify it!)

1. He doesn't like meddling with others stuff...

2. He didn't have time for driving classes...

3. He was just plain lazy to learn since he couldn't afford to buy a bike...


Staring at a Bullet (with apprehension and a pair of very scared parents!)

P.S: In short, I started taking driving lessons and doing quite ok. Just hope the pedestrians feel the same too! :-P


Just sitting here screaming on top of my voice along with Ozzy Osbourne (Paranoid is the song fyi) makes me wonder...how my neighbours are standing this unearthly sounds at this ungodly hour???

People are strange...me, you, everybody...

I always wondered, how easily some people make conversation and drag on for hours...and here I am, just able to converse enough to save my life! Its a crappy feeling sometimes...still...people are different...

I used to be very worried about the same thing when I was younger. Thought of myself as a loser and was too shy to do anything...I have changed over the period of time and feels pretty smug about myself these days!

Even then I couldn't feel reminiscing about the days when I hear "How soon is now?" by The Smiths...A remarkable song indeed...

This is a video from Youtube featuring a sitcom called Charmed. Apparently Charmed features a cover version of the song and people decided to do one with the original song...Anyways enjoy the great great song...I especially love the tremolo effect of the guitar! :-)

I am the son
And the heir
Of a shyness that is criminally vulgar
I'm the son and heir
Of nothing in particular
You shut your mouth
How can you say?
I go about things the wrong way
I am human and I need to be loved...
Just like everybody else... does
I am the son
And the heir
Of a shyness that is criminally vulgar
I'm the son and heir
Of nothing in particular
You shut your mouth
How can you say?
I go about things the wrong way
I am human and I need to be loved...
Just like everybody else... does
There's a club if you'd like to go
You could meet someone
Who really loves you
So you go and you stand on your own
And you leave on your own
And you go home
And you cry and you want to die
When you say it's gonna happen now
When exactly do you mean?
See I've already waited too long
And all my hope is gone

An Apology...

First of all, my sincere apologies to a particular girl whom I named in my blog in a not so great context (albeit some 18 months ago...)

If the lady wishes, I will take down that particular section...Anyway thanks for visiting my blog! And thank you for not taking it negatively...

I was a young and restless brat then! Now I am older and wiser! :-P

Couple of lessons learned here...

1. Don't name strangers in your blog thinking they don't exist!
2. Blog is a permanent record...A mark left is a mark left.(atleast for me...)

P.S: If you have no idea what I am talking about...the better!

Back Again...

Hmm...This place is familiar!

Wait a minute...its my blog!

Haven't been posting for a long time now...I swear I will be back in action. Was plain lazy all these time...For now enjoy some snaps from my Kumarakam Trip couple of weeks back.

Mr.Money in the Bank!

Thats our boat...

Boat needed a live mast...

Hot Blazing Sun...Luckily we had plenty of beer!

Your Truly...

Lots of scenic visuals like these...most of the time we were too drunk to enjoy it :-P

Anchors out! Pit stop to buy some Naadan Kallu! :-D

The Famous Karimeen!

Enroute to Kallushaap!

End of the Day...A glorious one...


Just went through the movie Shatranj Ke Khiladi (Satyajit Ray) came upon the following dialogue.

Very Amusing and Educational to say the least! :-P

Some British Officer: Also dresses up like a Hindu God, I'm told.

His Junior: Yes, sir. He also composes his own operas.

SBO: Doesn't leave him much time for his concubines......not to speak of the affairs of state. Does he really have 400 concubines?

HJ: I believe that's the count, sir.

SBO: And 29 muta wives. What the hell are muta wives?

HJ: Muta wives, sir.

SBO: That's temporary wives.

HJ: Temporary wives. - Yes, sir. A muta marriage can last for 3 days, 3 months or 3 years. Muta is an Arabic word.

SBO: -And it means temporary.

HJ: No, sir.

SBO: - No?

HJ: It means, enjoyment, sir.

SBO: Oh! Oh, yes. I see. Most instructive.

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Office Space

Performance Evaluation!

Disillusioned after the grades!


Team Politics!

Inter Team Politics!

Looking up new jobs!

Waiting for the raise to come!

Tempers on the rise!

And an unaffected guy looks on...

Welcome to the month of April! When you discover the painful realities...

Welcome to the Corporate world....

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Becoming a Technical Communicator

Okies...I have stopped bitching about 'Time'...either its crawling or flying...How would 'Time' feel? I have to consider its feeling also!:-P

Enough PJ...lets jump into the pool...err...the topic!

The first time I heard about Technical Writing was during my early college days...at that time I was totally disillusioned with a normal IT job and was looking into management. Deep down inside, I knew I was a techie and the conflict was always there. I searched around for freelance jobs and found some creative writing jobs or rather a website(Chillibreeze) were one could quote for projects and get the job done. It sounded interested and I applied. They told me to do a write up on .net of all things! Being an open source aficionado it was a killing blow. Still I managed to write a very decent article and I was successfully placed in their pool.

Next came the biggest block. I didn't have regular net connection and couldn't quote the projects on time. Also, there were too many experienced people, solely dedicated to the cause, which made my life difficult. So, I resigned to my fate of not having any money to blast during the college days.

After my negative IRMA results, I was pondering what to do with my life. During my exams I saw an ad by Knowgenesis about a Technical Communication course. I called the coordinator and was chilled by the course fee. Anyway, I decided to appear for the entrance test and promo meeting. After the meeting and the test (which was very tough!), I really wanted to do the course. Money still mattered though. The results came out and I came first by leap and bounds! (or so its said! :P) Now came the hardest part. Convincing my parents about the viability of this course. I fought tooth and nail, negotiated hard with the course coordinator and finally joined.

The first week, I was hit really hard. The possibility of screwing up was very high. The language I was to follow had to be simple to the core. Here I am, with the name of being a verbose and flowery writer, who coaxed and cajoled the college staff with my eloquent language! (or so its said! :P) Thankfully, I settled in quite well and took a liking to the work. Though I was still laid back in writing assignments, I made a good impression on our guru.

I realised a very sad thing in the course. Most of the people there came as a last resort as placement assurance was given. Many had very limited writing skills and those who did, lacked maturity and confidence.

Our placement tests began. Or rather test. Suntec was the company. Apart from some minor details I scavenged from the net for a friend to choose between Suntec and US Technology, I knew very little about the company. The good old means of reading up the website was done and I appeared for the test and the interview.

Usually I am an early bird and reach places much earlier than its required. For one of the most important things in my life so far, I was late! (Rather others were very early :-D)

Test was pretty tough. Me being a techie found it really difficult. I have long forgone the days of english grammar and had to recollect hard to answer the questions. I think what really saved the day for me was the sample user manual I made for a stereo system. First level of interview with my TL went fine. Second level with GM was a piece of cake. The third level was a very interesting one indeed! With the HR. He really wanted to whether I am taking up this job out of desperation. He tried to ridicule me and at one point even said it was a not a job where you can rise through the ranks. I was in quagmire, but on the outside I played the arrogant brat and said I know of the opportunities blah blah blah and finally came out very, very confused.

The results took a long time. Coordinator and our Guru said I was in and it was a matter of selecting others. Butterflies were flying around my stomach for days on. Finally, when the HR dude called...I was out of coverage area! Finally, I called him up and all was settled, with a decent package! (for a fresher...)

The rest......is history! ( In short: I did well in the training and even after faltering in my grad exams, managed to hold on to the job. Now pretty much established as a billable and bankable resource within the team. Secondarily, as the guy who manages the technical aspects and additionally as the internal knowledge manager.)

That is the tale folks! Of how Rockus became a Technical Communicator. (Technical Communication includes Technical Writing and all other forms of Technical Communication like product demos)


Not been posting anything for a while. I know I know! And didn't intend to do anything today also! Just been reading my posts and sort of felt a little guilty for not writing anything.

Not exactly anything...I have been working on my first novel! In the kiln for over 5 (or is it 6?) years now!

Finally started writing it after a long speech about what I was about to do and all with a friend...wrote a couple of pages and it sucked! Wanted to do a rewrite, but never bothered...I guess I need to have more control and focus...

Anyways, back to business! Whats news? Apparently the new budget has come out, Indian cricket team left (leaving?) for the Caribbean to get that elusive cup, people are dying, people are being born...Life goes on just like that...

Seems like I just cannot handle the pace of my life...its just too slow with obviously nothing great happening...then again I am not Indiana Jones to go on perilous adventures and make out with great women! :-P

Ideas are there...but they have to take wing! I need to think and for once start doing things that I think...Time is a factor? May be...But I do spent hours in the cyberspace doing nothing except for the times when I chat...Downloading heck a lot of stuff...not watching or playing any of those is just the teeny weeny problem.

You couldn't say not watching anything...Been watching 'The Wonder Years', probably the first english serial I watched after I could comprehend what they were talking! Loved every episode...could relate so much with it inspite of being at poles with Kevin Arnold...

Downloading Season 2 now...Hope I get all 6 done...

Thats all...


My first Motor!

After searching far and wide...I finally found a pic of my Dad's old bike...Jawa!

Ofcourse, the colour was black...but the make is the same! The design is also the same...
Lots of memories associated with this machine...too bad we sold it for 1000 bucks!

Enjoy the picture!

Strength of a Woman

The gates...gone through these for 14 years...bustle of people around...saw my last class teacher walk by...what to speak?
Many familiar faces...waited for a friend to come...No sign of him.
Saw a good friend after a long time...
"Left Hyderabad. Looking for a job here. After this have to go to the Hindu job fair", he said to me.

How we have changed! Seems like it was yesterday, when we were inside this compound wall, aspiring to become pilots, police and what not!
Now...our lives are governed and dictated by the whims of people who sit thousands of miles away...

As we entered the gates, Kichu said to me, or rather to himself, "How many times have we walked here?"

Countless...the surroundings have changed..the buildings have changed...grounds have gone...trees cut down...
But the path hasn't changed...concentrating only on the path, I can see myself...

Me as a kid in LKG, with my Father, on the long walk to my small classroom...

Me as a small kid, coming in a line only to melt into the chaos near the gates in the evening...

Me as an adolescent, too shy to look but cannot stop myself from glancing at the (then) lovely girls...

Me as a proud volunteer corps leader, regulating the students and dealing with the 'big' issues (the "he pushed me...i didn't"...ones)

Me as a very scared student going for the exams...

Me as a totally disillusioned 16 year old, thinking how pathetic he is and the easiest ways to end a misery called life...

Me as a relieved boy, finally out of school and in college....

Recently, me as a young man, going to join his first job...

And, now...Me walking to pay the last regards to a woman, who was the embodiment of strength...

Our Principal was scary...scary in the sense that if you are a wrongdoer, you could sense the primal fear in you rise when you were near her...

She did not carry a cane...nor in my memory she has beaten anybody...but the aura surrounding her demanded respect...and fear, for the wrongdoers...

No one could stand against her...she carried the school literally on her back, and made it the school you want your kid to be in Trivandrum...she was merciless with the ill disciplined and tolerated no nonsense.

When other private schools in the city charged a premium for education, she was steadfast on taking only a mediocre amount as the fees. In fact, it used to be very low when I started of here...my term fees for K.G classes were Rs 75...an years education at Rs 325 including special fees...that too in a K.G which was just too good...
Even the hikes were very affordable...we didn't have rich brats who came to school to show their stuff and not to study...we had a healthy mix of kids from all backgrounds...thanks to our Principal's policy of having an affordable fee.

Granted, there were some glaring issues...literally no sports (except for basketball and now even that is non existent), not much of performance arts (read western music and dance) and shitty form of co-education in my final years there...and the awful white lab coats as uniform for teachers...Those were bad...really bad...

Still...when it was good...it was really good...

We entered her home. Its next to our school and there is a gate.
Saw my friend Shyam.

Shyam: "First time in here and I studied here for 12 years."

Me: "Nah! I've been here. To pick up the ball when we hit it here"

Saw our other friends. A big crowd had already gathered. Me and Kichu squeezed through went inside the house, only to find the banana leaf ready for the body.

Her mother, very senile now, was sitting there. To lose her only child...would be a massive pain...how young or how old she may be...

Her husband was there...Visibly shattered...

The daughters...grieved by the loss and probably weighed down by the responsibility handed over to them...permanently.

We went back outside. It was a mini reunion for us students. But a reunion where there would be no leg pulling and laughter.

Saw our teacher...went to her...

"Impossible to believe, isn't it?" she asked us.

We could say nothing but nod.

Then, her body came, for the people to see...for the last time...

I was surprised by the ease with which she was carried...She was a big lady...no offense, but very big.

We went into see her and pay our respect...

She lay their shriveled on the floor...one fourth of what she was...but the face...still serene...still demanded that respect...

My memories of her are plentiful...

When I joined the school in LKG, me and my parents went in to see her...Honestly, I have no memory of this...but she reportedly said, "Ayyo...he is just a darling baby...is he old enough?"
I cannot imagine this statement coming from her! (For the record, I was short of 4 years by some 20 days when I joined school and was perfectly capable, though I still drank Mommy's milk! :-D)

Then...during the annual Arya Cup basket ball tournament, Principal sent a warning notice to all...no shouting, no slogans...only clapping when people score...:P
We were in 4th std then and everyone was cheering and hooting...Suddenly a teacher came and told me that Principal was calling me...

My throat went dry...my friends turned pale like ghosts (who's next???) and I floated to her room... My legs were literally shaking...and I couldn't stop them!

She: Narayan?
Me: YYYes, madam....
She: You draw pictures?
Me: YYess (I'll do anything! Please don't kill me!!!)
She: There's a competition in KV this monday...we want you to go.
Me: Okk..
She: Fine. You can go now.
Me: TTThank you, madam.

I walked to the door. Then ran like a hare!

Many many countless small interactions...even more interesting was her treatment of parents who come in as haughty and arrogant.

One celebrity in TVM wanted his second son to be in Arya. His first son was already here and was quite a star. She told him, the kid had to appear for the test and then enter. (Not to LKG or 1st Std, it was 5th) The demand for the 1-2 vacant seats were very fierce. The kid flunked. The Dad threatened to move his elder son too if she didn't admit the kid. She didn't say Fuck off...but she did, in her own stern but respectful manner.

My biggest interaction with her was when I flunked the Maths exam in 11th.
11th and 12th were the darkest period of my life and I got a notion in my head that I was a worthless wanker.

I flunked and Principal called my parents. She started to spit fire at them for no fault of theirs...she sided with me saying it was my parent's fault for not taking care of me and all...
Then I had enough of being the "oh so innocent kid" and when she asked me about my PC usage...I told 5 hours a day...
Mistake...Big Mistake... :-D

Then on...what I heard was probably the biggest insult and biggest humiliation I ever suffered. I felt the ground beneath my feet had gone and I was in hell and Lucifer was poking me with his heated trident...

But...I survived and adapted quite well! :-D

The last time, I spoke to her...was when I got admission to college...
During the blitzkrieg firing mode, she had asked me what I wanted to be...I had said about being a computer engineer.
She remembered this clearly and was genuinely happy for me and appreciated me more than other guys, who did extremely well in the entrance exams...
That was the last time...

When I went to school after getting my job, we asked whether we could see her. The answer was negative. A teacher close to me said, even staff were not allowed to see her.

The last time she saw her, she said, "I'll be back. I'll be back to see you all and my school."

Well...she went back on that...

As I walk down the path...I glanced to the old Principal's office. The exclusive entrance for her and the steps leading there. She proudly stood at the top of the stairs...monitoring everything that was happening...her overpowering aura surrounded the entire school when she stood there...

I could still see her there. Wrapped in her pretty silk saree (later on with a white lab coat!), wearing her shaded spectacles...keeping tab of everything going on in the school...

Thank you Madam...Thank You for showing the world what a determined woman could do in our society...Thank You personally for instilling the discipline I cherish to this day...


Today is the World Hugging day!
Been pestering a friend to give me something to write...after a lot of coaxing and cajoling and sighing...she finally said, "write about hugs day thoughts (good riddance!!!)"

Yup...so I am writing...or rather trying to!

What is there in a hug?

A good feeling...don't know what...but still a good feeling...

Warmth...thinking about the times when my mother used to hug me...
Support and consolation....the time when me and my cousin hugged when my grandma died...
Feeling of elation and joy...the time when we hug after winning a tight game of cricket...
Feeling playful and pseudo"evil" (complete with the fingers ala Dr.Evil!)...when I bearhug my friends...

Touch is such a powerful instrument...it speaks a universal language. Understood by all animals and even plants I daresay!

One of the best touch?
A Hug!

Happy Hugs Day!

P.S: I started writing this on 21st January! Its 12:01 AM on 22nd now! :P

One door closing...will any other open?

It seems my life is being sucked into a quagmire...me of all people, suffering a never ending torture...
University has screwed me again, this time with a big spade!

My exam was preponed mere days before happening and I had no clue!
Yeah, yeah! Call me a dumb ass! But still it was not supposed to happen!
and an unfair revaluation rejection...

So, whatsupwiththat?

Likelihood of losing my job...I would be really glad if I lose that big raise that everybody is looking forward, rather than the job. TBMS has been running through my vain for the past 4 months and it would be great loss...for the company! :-P

End of the road?
Not quite...another offer may materialize (just may!) or I would have to go and teach some new kids what technical communication is all about for some 8 months or so! Not that I am not fond of it, but the pay will be a pittance...once hooked to money...you can never get the kick off!
With my experience it would be arrogance to speak about money...still...talent=money in my book!

Will get a clearer picture in the coming days...probably today...
For me clearer would be the apt word. Haziness and uncertainty will never cease in my life...never!

P.S: A wonderful site I stumbled upon Self Creation. I liked it immensely. If only people had the mind and patience to read through, they would be happier in life.

Stairway to Heaven

There's a lady who's sure all that glitters is gold
And she's buying a stairway to heaven
And when she gets there she knows if the stores are closed
With a word she can get what she came for

Woe oh oh oh oh oh
And she's buying a stairway to heaven

There's a sign on the wall but she wants to be sure
And you know sometimes words have two meanings
In the tree by the brook there's a songbird who sings
Sometimes all of our thoughts are misgiven

Woe oh oh oh oh oh
And she's buying a stairway to heaven

There's a feeling I get when I look to the west
And my spirit is crying for leaving
In my thoughts I have seen rings of smoke through the trees
And the voices of those who stand looking

These words...strike a chord with me...

Welcomed new year with this song!

Usually my new years eve is at Father's club. Pretty boring affair with no friends around. This time was adamant not to go. Also, the fact that I had to go to office today on a holiday helped from giving him any ill feeling.

Last year was pretty important to me...for a multitude of reasons...

How will this year be?

Only time will tell...the start was'nt very good I must say...

A totally unnecessary squabble, Mother being ill and my first schedule slippage...

Have'nt missed a single deadline till now...So a bit sad about that...

I was trying to bite a little too much and sometimes a reminder is good...

You are Human...Not God!

Happy New Year everybody!

May this year be filled with more pleasures and less pain!

Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu...