Yay!!! India won!!!
A thrilling tournament has come to an end and our boys won a crunching game. Pakis played well, infact I thought we were a goner with those sixes in the end. Misbah is a great player in the making and Pakistani bowlers were exemplary. Gambhir should have won the man of the match. Irfan Pathan bowled well, but Gambhir's batting was really good. He, Rohit Sharma and Misbah showed the world that 20-20 is not just about slogging. They played really good cricket shots. None of the sloggers lived to tell the tale to be frank.
Dhoni is showing amazing character and in time he can be a great captain. Aggressive, but not in the irritating way Ganguly was. Are these young boys ready for big time? Hmmm...I think they should be introduced little by little, rather than completely thrusting them into the big scene at the expense of our senior players. My 2 rupees.
The biggest thing that I saw. Something I thought would never happen. My father was watching the game intently. Learning the game by God! And he couldn't watch the final over and went outside the room. After the game was over, he came and told, "I was praying to God. And Krishna was winking at me!" (A rather cute statue of Krishna is there in our drawing room.) 20-20 has made him a cricket fan!
This format is here to stay and pretty exciting too. Now that I am getting older, I don't think I will ever be able to watch a 100 over match, unless its on a holiday. You never know when you get an exciting match. But this format is rocking to be frank. Come home after work at around 7. Match on! Watch it your family with some good food or watch it with your friends with some good drinks!
Waiting eagerly for IPL. I hope they kick ass! Also I hope ICL will be good too. Competition always makes the product better!
Ciao and congrats to Team India again!


DCA said...

hi naru.. it was a really exciting match......

Unknown said...

@diham: Yup! :-)

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