Taare Zameen Par

Merry Christmas everybody!

For this christmas I got to watch a gem of a movie. Taare Zameen Par. The directorial debut of Aamir Khan. No first time hitches. No fancy camera shots. Just a simple and superb work. The star of the movie is the kid who plays the protagonist Ishant Avasthi. Speechless is the word to be used for his performance. Kudos goes to all the actors and the perfect casting made the movie makers. Music is awesome. I haven't enjoyed the work of Shankar Ehsaan Loy this much this much for a very long time.

The story is something everyone can relate to at least some level. Pressure on kids to be assembly made products. Lack of genuine affection (rather lack of display I think). Artwork in the movie is absolutely amazing. I can babble on and on, but I think the movie has had a profound impact on me at a personal level. Not many movies have been able to do that.

I hope Aamir does more movies like this and I am sure he will. Hope this movie gets all the recognition it deserves. :-)


Unknown said...

Merry Christmas, Rocky!

I was really wanting to watch the Taare Zameen Par, I guess ... I should make it sooner!

Jay said...

I too liked this movie a lot, good one with a great story...

you can read my review of the movie on

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