He had been running on an engine. It inspired him. Drove him towards success. Became part of his life like none other.
But...the engine is gone...without an engine, how can the car run?
Find a new one? It won't fit! The match made between the engine and the body is so cohesive that fit another and it won't work like what it did before...sure it will run...but what good is running, for the sake of running...
What good is a life...for the sake of pushing by, without actually living?
McLaren F1...either loved and admired...but never do anyone actually come to own it...and never does it run on the road...

For some time now, all I have been writing is about Transaction Pricing across the telecom business and the case studies. If you find it amusing, do write in! You won't get to read it! :-P
All about IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) people!
Quite satisfied with my work...but can't find passion to write other stuff...seems like my passion is gone...
All that I wrote in the past month was a poorly cooked up story published in for their December competition. Here is the entry if you to read.

Other than that there is nothing happening.

One day, my old friend Jonathan called me while I was in office. He wanted KJs number to contact another classmate of ours. I got the wind that it was about the music album he was doing.
He got the number and the next day KJ called me and asked me to write a song!
Now thats something...I asked and this was what I was supposed to do...
In the song there are a couple of rap sections. Write something for it.

Okey! me ever ready!
Only one slight problem...
I hate rap! (except for Eminem)

So, after a couple of quite days, yesterday evening he got me the CD with the song. Today afternoon, I sat and heard.
Its a remix of our old classic, "Omallaale kandu njan"
Now, don't be put off...I heard it it was quite good, though it was a very rough cut...

So two rap sections were there...
I can write a decent power ballad, but blimy! This was tough!

Below are the stuff I wrote...I don't know whether this would come in the album...anyways...don't kill me!

Rap 1

Yo! Blow me down!
For the first time, in my history
Can't believe, its happening to me
Never ever thought such an irony
ThaT I Would be in love with such a harmony

Longed for the time when I could call my own
A girl, who would never let me be alone
Gone is the world that I have known

What I see, is the sunshine
In her eyes, so I can recline
Oh Well! She got me yeah!
Never been this bad I' ve been hit!


Sure, she got me on my knees
She's everything to put me at peace
Meanwhile, will she wanna go free?
Come with me, dear I'll take you around
Like a Queen and King with prestige we'll reign
I'll be with you for all the time
In my every breath , I'll chant your name aloud,
If that makes you realize my love
Can't just go on with my life
Without you, its all in vain


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