Music tag makes a return...

Pappu is put on hold for a while...
Me doing another tag... :P

Once again this is one I got from

Set the music player of your choice to shuffle and ask these questions aloud and press play.

So here we go!

Will I get far in life?
Song: Two Story Down
Artist: Bon Jovi
Comment: So I get as far as two stories! :P

How do my friends see me?
Artist: Heart
Comment: So my friends see me as a mean and dangerous shark! :-((

Where will I get married?
Song: Purple Rain
Artist: Prince
Comment: Its a nice song...So I will get married somewhere there is purple rain...hmmm...In Kerala there used to be Red next time it will be purple!

What is my best friend's theme song?
Song: Being for the benefit for Mr.Kite
Artist:The Beatles
Comment: :-))

What is the story of my life?
Song: Fitter Happier
Artist: Radiohead
Comment: Yeah baby!

What was high school like?
Song: Songs of Jeffrey
Artist: Jethro Tull
Comment: so?

How can I get ahead in life?
Song: Knife Party
Artist: Deftones
Comment: So I have to hold a party and slash everyone with a knife? Nice!

What is the best thing about me?
Song: Make me believe
Artist: Godsmack
Comment: You have to try hard to make me believe...I don't trust people easily...may be thats my biggest trait!

How is today going to be?
Song: Tender
Artist: Blur
Comment: Its going to be a cool, tender night...I sure hope so! :-)

What is in store for this weekend?
Song: Planet Boom
Artist: Motley Crue
Comment: This ones almost I'll take it as next...I'll be over the top with my prez...I sure hope so...

What song describes my parents?
Song: Bigmouth strikes again
Artist: The Smiths
Comment: Nah! Never! My mom yells with a big mouth at me only, that too when I really piss her off!

My grandparents?
Song: Walk like an Egyptian
Artist: The Bangles
Comment: I saw only my grandmothers...I can guarandamntee that they were neither egyptians or walked like one! :P

How is my life going?
Song: Here I go again
Artist: White Snake
Comment: I jumped question! Because this was apt for this question! A fresh start in my life..."Here I go again on my own..."

How does the world see me?
Song: Little Round Mirrors
Artist: Harvey Danger
Comment: Round Mirrors ok...but little one?

Will I have a happy life?
Song: Hells Bells
Artist: AC/DC
Comment: I'll be in hell in life too? There goes my happiness! :-(( ("...I'll give you black sensations up and down your spine..." :-D)

What do my friends really think of me?
Song: Love me two times
Artist:The Doors
Comment: I get a chance at redemption...and...they chose to Love me two nice! :P

How can I make myself happy?
Song: My last breath
Artist: Evanescence
Comment: So I have to die to be sad! :-)

Do people secretly lust after me?
Song: Rock N Roll singer
Artist: AC/DC
Comment: Is it that some rocknroll singer is in lust with me...or am I a poster boy rocknroll star whom every chick lusts (ala Jim Morrison...not Justin Timberlake)...seems both are a bit too :P

What should I do with my life?
Song: Drown me slowly
Artist: Audioslave
Comment: Come on now! I am getting depressed with all this talk on death!

What is some good advice?
Song: Pure
Artist: The Lightning Seeds
Comments: Be pure! Buy Pure!

What do I really want from life?
Song: Train in vain
Artist: Clash
Comment: Don't wanna do that...don't wanna train for nothing...

What should I do to help others?
Song: When the children cry
Artist: White Lion
Comment: Dry their tears...thats exactly something I intend do in my life...

What should I do to help myself?
Song: Holiday
Artist: Scorpions
Comment: I would love to...but on probation people! Loss of pay leave for a year! A cool song though...

What is my one most important goal in life?
Song: Ohne Ditch
Artist: Rammstein
Comment: Athu thanne 'Ohne njammaaku ditch chaiiaam!'

What do I get the most pleasure from?
Song: More than a feeling
Artist: Boston
Comment: Yeah...I would like to have more than just a feeling... :-)


naveen said...

Just as I expected..Oru otta song polum njan keetitilla.. Hmmmm,howz suntec yaar??

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