As a kid I was a real good boy. Never troubled my parents, never got into a fight and stayed the same throughout my school days. If something 'unusual' happened around me then I was never a suspect and never was I responsible for it. But now I think I am a qualified prankster. Good one to be when you are 21years old and on the verge of becoming a professional (hopefully!)
Traces of being a prankster was there in my 11th and 12th. But I was a depressed nut those days to do pranks. But college has really fuelled me and I have become a certified one.

Well, I don't do pranks with everyone. Best of my friends, notably Jackie and Rajeev have beared brunt of my insanity. I think I have taken them to the limits of their wits with my practical jokes. I think I used to be a Nazi Interrogator in my previous life. Jackie and Pappu stimulate me to find new methods of torture. It is said you hurt people you love the most. May be that's why I do this to my best friends.
Listing are some of my exploits...

1. Gathering Weapons of (M)Ass Destruction!!! Mainly anything long and pointy. Pens, pencils etc. Then drawing on the shirt of the guy sitting in front. Playing darts and other innovative games. Applicable to all people.

2. Guy in front or behind gets up to answer or while is busy doing something. I pin the tail on that donkey. Usually with tails made out of paper but my personal favourite is the long neck lace thing we use on id cards. Really great to see on someone else's ass! (not mine :-D) Once Rajeev almost walked out of class with a long tail. Now his senses are sharp and he is scared when I sit behind him. Now I have fun by feigning to keep a tail :-))

3. Pointing out people who are sleeping to teachers when they have cornered me with some question and/or firing me. Actually I did this only once. I pointed out Anand to Vidya Maam. Nothing serious mind you. Just some fun!

4. Hanging people by their legs on the top bars of the window. The guy is rendered helpless as he has to grab the bar with his hands to prevent falling down. Awesome technique which I pride to have invented. This technique is almost exclusively used on Jackie.

5. The trouble is when girls come in front of me. I am quite reserved with girls. Don't know how they react. They may cry. But my inner child is unleashed after a while. I instigate others or personally mess up their hair and sometimes tie up two different ladies. Shawls are also good to be tied up :-D

6. In S4 I created Hamsa Airlines. An exclusive airlines for those in love. We deliver the message to your babe or baby in no time. And we use our own 777 series of paper airlines. In old times Nala and Damayanthi had had swans (Hamsa) to deliver their letters. Nowadays Hamsa are their only in zoo. So we provide paper Hamsa. The advantage with our service was that we delivered letters even without you asking us to do that! And that too for free. Complete with a personalised poem/one-liner courtesy yours truly!

7. During tour I used to irritate Dhanya by babbling about Mahendragiri everytime we saw a hill. Poor girl was at her wits end by the time we reached Delhi.

8. Now for a failed prank. I used to irritate Pappu a lot during train journey in tour. Being 7 feet tall(not quite!) his legs stuck out of the berth and I used to poke at his feet whenever he was asleep. After a while he lost his temper and we had a fight (meaning he tried to hit me and I ran away :-D) I was angry and wanted revenge. So I organised a bonfire as soon as we reached Delhi. Only thing is instead of wood Pappu's underwear will burn! :-D All of them!
Later I mellowed down and Pappu apologised. To think of it I do a bad thing and he apologises. So I told the guys we will do a bonfire in Goa on the last day of the tour and planned to burn one of his underwears instead of all. Well in Goa, I forgot all about it. After all my night was spent chasing drunk Mr.Bulgan and Neo around the hotel.

9. Another failed prank. we had a plan to cut of the moustaches of all guys with moustaches. Heavy opposition came from those with the facial hair. We ignored but forgot to implement it during tour. Like I said before, every hotel night was a time to chase behind somebody.

10. Well, I can't think of anymore. Just put 10 to get a round figure :-P

Hail the Pranksta Dudesta!


danya said...

Excellent post...reading it i can clearly figure out ur face when u r upto do som mischief...the crude smile on ur face...u r still a lower primary guy at times...and i believe u r the most mischievous guy in the class...lik some poet (!!!dunno exactly)says every man has a child in his heart...whtever happens dont let the innocence in u burn out...

Anonymous said...

Sums up almost all the stuff u have done to jackie boy and paffu u r rite u were probably a supervisor at a nazi concentration camp in ur past life and pappu and jackie were probably two unsuspecting POW's

Neetika said...

I think you really enjoyed your college life..........
Same is with me but i never went to college....

haris said...

i m jealous of u :((

Unknown said...

@Danya: Innocence and childhood...something I crave and don't want to end...I could add college days to it now...
Rest assured I would not change much and I hope my soul doesnt burn out the innocence

@Divakar: Really Man I always had (have) a sympathy to Hitler!

@Neetika: Yup enjoying it and overdoing the fun bit too!

@Deus:Oh its u Hary! Anyway I am jealous of you too! I thought I had a penchant for knowledge until I got to know you...I can never put up with the stuff you go through to enrich your knowledge base!

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