My favourite from the show! Posted by Picasa
Rage against the Machine's eponymous first album...The band is lot political and they used a powerful image from the Vietnam War period...The self immolation of Buddhist Monk as a protest against US war. Posted by Picasa
The southern rock band Lynyrd Skynrd's last album Street Survivors...The most eerie thing happened...3 days after the album was released their plane crashed and 3 members died tragically...the ones covered by flame on their heads on the cd cover... Posted by Picasa
The smashing album Nevermind by Nirvana...the cover shows a baby chasing a dollar. Signifies the current attitude of money above everything...People protested against showing the private parts of the Baby...Kurt Cobain said they were Closet pedophiles and rightly so... Posted by Picasa
The first album after the death of the AC/DC frontman BOn Scott. The Album celebrated his life and they proclaimed they were Black. Posted by Picasa
The first album by Guns N Roses: Appetite for Destruction...The cover showed the same...these guys are about to kick your ass! Posted by Picasa
CD covers are said to be an extension of the music conveyed in the album. Yesterday I saw a program on VH1 which showcased the top50 cd covers. The first was Rolling Stones' Sticky fingers. It portrayed a close up of the crotch of a man complete with working zipper. Who's Next by The Who came next with a picture of a monolith on which the ban had releaved themselves! Top ten included Madonna, Prince etc...
Here are some covers that I like from the show and the cover of Appetite for Destruction By Guns N Roses which was a glaring omission from the list.
CD covers are said to be an extension of the music conveyed in the album. Yesterday I saw a program on VH1 which showcased the top50 cd covers. The first was Rolling Stones' Sticky fingers. It portrayed a close up of the crotch of a man complete with working zipper. Who's Next by The Who came next with a picture of a monolith on which the ban had releaved themselves! Top ten included Madonna, Prince etc...
Here are some covers that I like from the show and the cover of Appetite for Destruction By Guns N Roses which was a glaring omission from the list.

Stairway to heaven?

Though I have been hard rock fan for a long time it was recently that I heard Led Zeppelin, the Granddaddy of Hard Rock. I liked most of their songs, from their best of collections Early Days and Latter Days. The favourite of mine has been Stairway to heaven. The most famous and arguably the best Led Zep song (though Kashmir is also quite the same...) I started reading about it and was blown away by the mindblowing fact that the song is backmasked or accused to be so!

Backmasking??? It is the art(?) of introducing a message into a song which can only be deciphered when listened backwards.

Back to our song. This song straight forward has references to the Lord of the Rings. People like Galadriel and Gandalf come to our mind. Golden lady references and the smoke rings through the forest.The yearning of the elves for the west is also specified. It is natural as Robert Plant, the lyricist and singer and the whole Led Zep were Tolkien fans.
Like most other rock songs the song has references to drug use.
Some interpret as some real life lady who Led Zep knew. She was cheated out by them in a garage sale into buying some junk for a lot of cash etc.
I am not posting the entire lyrics here. Its too long(8:00 minutes). So the link is here.
But here is the most controversial part of the song, the backmasking. The clearest part is:

If there’s a bustle in your hedgerow
Don’t be alarmed now,
It’s just a spring clean for the may queen.
Yes, there are two paths you can go by
But in the long run
There’s still time to change the road you’re on.
And it makes me wonder.

Now here's the hidden message

Oh here's to my sweet Satan
The one whose little path makes me sad
Whose power is Satan
He will give those with him 666
There was a tool shed where he made us suffer
Sad Satan!

Christian fundamentalists in the USA (To hell with those mentals!) were up in arms and released the entire song backwards. Plant denied the whole thing and was terribly upset. He said he wrote the song with best of intentions. He had written the song in an abandoned castle in Britain often used by bands to record and practice due to its remoteness and peace. This place was an old sweat shop were people had suffered a lot.

A straight forward contemplation on the above part is that it refers to the menstrual cycle of a woman (I did not come up with it.Someone else did and I think it makes sense) . Though Led zebu has not endorsed this. But come to the line two paths. I think this is hint enough for the back mask.

How did this come about? Deliberate? Or a acoustic illusion? The second is very far fetched as the lyric is distinct. If they did by purpose then hats off to them. It is a brilliant job and they should be proud of it. Screw the fund "mental"! But Plant has denied again and again.
Something he hasn't denied is that they were avid drug users. Marijuana, Cocaine and Heroin used to flow to let the creativity flow. So my take on the issue:

Disclaimer: I believe in some pagan and occult stuff because it seems real, atleast to me. The opinion is my own and I don't want force it down anyone else's gullet. And I don't spook people off! I rarely talk on these subjects and I beg the pardon if I hurt anybody's funda"mentals"!

The place where the song was composed is a place which has seen a lot of horrible pains and memories. So the place obviously has a lower barrier to the astral plane where the spirits reside. The lower astral plane contains the discontent spirits and probably mischievous ones (they were humans once dude :-D).
The drug use in a person lowers the barrier of a person to spiritual attacks. I can endorse it personally as I a totally blanked out and doesn't dream when I sleep after boozing ( I drink in moderation and does not get blind drunk and the frequency of boozing is very small) So imagine I can imagine a person who is loaded on booze, marijuana and possibly heroin.

Robert Plant: Dude! That riff was awesome! I am going to write a song!
Jimmy Page: (the guitarist) Dude! Make sure LOTR comes in...
RP: You said you are going to have some fun tonight with that groupie! Whatsername?
JP: Who cares? Anyway...she says its "spring cleaning" know what I mean?
JP: Dude you smoked too much pot!
RP: And here goes some H!
JP: You rock! by the way Jason is blind drunk...he will kill himself by boozing. (Jason Bonham, the drummer, did die after a day full of excessive boozing leading to the disbanding of the band in 1981)
RP: *starts writing*

In the meantime a spirit called Lucious manages to breach the astral plane.
Lucious: Goody! I can be with real people now.
He eyes at Plant.
Lucious: Wow! Great hair and what is he doing when a hot guy like me is standing here!
RP: I am stuck!
Lucious: No you are not! Let me make some reference so that Satan is pleased with moi!
RP: Funny! the pen is moving on its on. May be I did have too much pot!

An hour later.
Lucious: Ah! The work here is done! I hope Satan gives me an entry into his exclusive Devils Advocate Members only Bridge Club...OMS! the guys are hot in there. Thinking of them makes my pants drop!
RP: Jimmy its done!
JP: *shaking himself up* Dude! You rock! But whats this two path and all...
RP: Don't know dude. Just wrote them!

And they made the song!

By the way, Plant did say later that words were flowing out without his knowledge.

So my friends if you want to listen to this and other backmasks. Go here!
In here the ones I think are genuine are Britney Spears ("Sleep with me, I am not too young", the message from "Hit me baby" ;-)), Nature's Trail to hell, Eminem, The Beatles-i'm so tired(Thats another big story!) and John Lennon.

Now for the song appreciation. Stairway to heaven is the most requested song in the history of radio ( I mean English radio). The song starts of slow with a beautiful acoustic guitar peace, moves into a medium transition in the middle and an awesome Guitar riff by Page in the end. The guitar tabs of this song is the largest selling in the world.

So its me Rockus signing off...

Iam the rain!

You Are Rain

You can be warm and sexy. Or cold and unwelcoming.
Either way, you slowly bring out the beauty around you.

You are best known for: your touch

Your dominant state: changing

My Poetry...

Elated at getting an Interview call from IRMA. But now I have got butterfies in my stomach now. Anyway I am trying to put that aside for a while and concentrate on my project which has not yet been started. Actually the trouble is I am creatively washed out...Have to get back on track... While I was frantically searching for IRMA documents I came across a poem I wrote during class time in S6...Those were the days...I wrote a lot during those days. Most about love because of the inspiration from friends and one or two serious stuff. The best was one about decadence and I lost all of them. I wanted to give the following poem to the college magazine as it was the 'politically correct' one...but I lost the paper and cooked up a similar one while the editorial board was busy edting the mag on the computer...Here is the original one and the cooked up one and the inspiration...

Original one

Fading Light...

The cool moon light fills the sky
You don't know how hard I try
To enjoy this light
Like Lovers might.

As the crimson pool darkens
Towards numbness the pain heightens
Groans of my comrades fill the air
Vultures breath caress my hair.

The stream of breeze does comfort me
But the mechanized birds whips she
Sound of thunder fills my ear
With no feeling trickes my tear

Remembrance is not bliss
It unnerves me like a cobra's hiss
Kith and kin breaks my heart
Torturing me like a dart

For whom did I give my life?
For whom did I take many a life?
Questions ring like too many a bell
In fading light I pass on to Hell

Cooked up one

Fading light

As the moon rolls into a cloud
My ear feels not that loud
Gunfire and shots have long ceased
And my soul waits to be released

I lie along a crimson trail
Streaching like a gleaming rail
I feel drenched as in a flood
I realise am lying in my pool of blood

I am the valiant soldier
Guarding my land to be a martyr
Fending the mother from hell
To hear the clear heaven's bell

Devil has his own kins
Inside the land feeding on sins
Driven by gluttony and lust
They sold me to bite the dust

Never had I thought this day would come!
Never again will it come!
This is my last day on earth
Before they take me to my hearth.

They both may suck and I have this compulsive disorder to match rhymes while writing poetry...Bear with me friends! I have read so many good poems by Divs and Arti that I was having doubts of posting these here.
Now for the influence...It is the song called 'The One' by Metallica from their 1987 album 'And...Justice for all'...The song is about a soldier who has been dismembered by a land mine. He lost all his senses and mobility. He tries to convey the message to kill him off by using morse code by shaking his head. The song is one of the all time favourites of mine and the video is simply brilliant. The lead guitar by Kirk Hammett is one of the best ever and drumming by Lars Ulrich is great too.
I know its running too long...But still I am posting the lyrics.

The One

I can’t remember anything
Can’t tell if this is true or dream
Deep down inside I feel to scream
This terrible silence stops me

Now that the war is through with me
I’m waking up I can not see
That there is not much left of me
Nothing is real but pain now

Hold my breath as I wish for death
Oh please god,wake me

Back in the womb it’s much too real
In pumps life that I must feel
But can’t look forward to reveal
Look to the time when I’ll live

Fed through the tube that sticks in me
Just like a wartime novelty
Tied to machines that make me be
Cut this life off from me

Hold my breath as I wish for death
Oh please god,wake me
Now the world is gone I’m just one
Oh god,help me hold my breath as I wish for death
Oh please God help me

Darkness imprisoning me
All that I see
Absolute horror
I cannot live
I cannot die
Trapped in myself
Body my holding cell

Landmine has taken my sight
Taken my speech
Taken my hearing
Taken my arms
Taken my legs
Taken my soul
Left me with life in hell

Too long a post a guess!

For the first time I have been tagged, by Arti. I did some tags voluntarily but my first direct tag.
It about 8 qualifications I would like to have in my better half...

Rules of the game are …
1. The tagged victim has to come up with 8 different points of their perfect lover.
2. Need to mention the sex of the target.
3. Tag 8 victims to join this game & leave a comment on their comments saying they’ve been tagged.
4. If tagged the 2nd time, there’s no need to post again.

Sex of the target : Female

So here is it:

1. Should be loving and caring...not just to me but to my family as well. mischievous
2. Should have a sense of humour. I can be very sarcastic at times and pretty mischievous too. Ask my friends!
3. Looks don't matter too much but brain does. Should be a fairly sophisticated lady who can understand things that I do. That makes it a lot easier to live later on. That means a pretty good education but not necessarily.
4. She should be assertive so that she can 'put me at the right place' when I start acting out of character.
5. Should be independent and have her own views on all things.
6. Should not make unreasonable demands at changing my self. I will change if I feel like doing it. Don't order! Persuade...
7. She should be an extrovert and a social butterfly. This is because I am not one and it would help if your partner is one. I don't mind about being a silent partner or being called one.
8. Giving each other personal space is important. She should give me my own personal space and I would be more than happy to grant hers. In this way even if she doesn't like something I do (For e.g if she hates Rock and Metal songs) she is in no way affected and I can have my fun too. The converse is also very essential. Humans need space to grow into better humans.

It was difficult to come up with these and worse...most of my fellow bloggers are tagged! So here goes my list and I could append to it! So beware!

1-18: The fellowship bloggers! A long list to type here...
19. Bleak Hawk
20. Lord Samhara
21. Meenu

In other news...I got an Interview call from IRMA (Institute of Rural Management, Anand)... Its on 23rd February...I thank God and all the people who have given me encouragement to keep on moving...
Thank You


The song which has been haunting me for a while...its by Heart (two sisters front the band), a popular 80's band. A hard rock classic...
Falling through an abyss...

I hear the ticking of the clock
I'm lying here the room's pitch dark
I wonder where you are tonight
No answer on the telephone
And the night goes by so very slow
Oh I hope that it won't end though
Till now I always got by on my own
I never really cared until I met you
And now it chills me to the bone
How do I get you alone
How do I get you alone
You don't know how long I have wanted
to touch your lips and hold you tight, oh
You don't know how long I have waited
and I was going to tell you tonight
But the secret is still my own
and my love for you is still unknown
Till now I always got by on my own
I never really cared until I met you
And now it chills me to the bone
How do I get you alone
How do I get you alone
How do I get you alone
How do I get you alone
Alone, alone

My Soul...

You Are a Dreaming Soul

Your vivid emotions and imagination takes you away from this world
So much so that you tend to live in your head most of the time
You have great dreams and ambitions that could be the envy of all...
But for you, following through with your dreams is a bit difficult

You are charming, endearing, and people tend to love you.
Forgiving and tolerant, you see the world through rose colored glasses.
Underneath it all, you have a ton of passion that you hide from others.
Always hopeful, you tend to expect positive outcomes in your life.

Souls you are most compatible with: Newborn Soul, Prophet Soul, and Traveler Soul

Quite me...May be upto 90%!
But hey I am a Gemini :-P


As a kid I was a real good boy. Never troubled my parents, never got into a fight and stayed the same throughout my school days. If something 'unusual' happened around me then I was never a suspect and never was I responsible for it. But now I think I am a qualified prankster. Good one to be when you are 21years old and on the verge of becoming a professional (hopefully!)
Traces of being a prankster was there in my 11th and 12th. But I was a depressed nut those days to do pranks. But college has really fuelled me and I have become a certified one.

Well, I don't do pranks with everyone. Best of my friends, notably Jackie and Rajeev have beared brunt of my insanity. I think I have taken them to the limits of their wits with my practical jokes. I think I used to be a Nazi Interrogator in my previous life. Jackie and Pappu stimulate me to find new methods of torture. It is said you hurt people you love the most. May be that's why I do this to my best friends.
Listing are some of my exploits...

1. Gathering Weapons of (M)Ass Destruction!!! Mainly anything long and pointy. Pens, pencils etc. Then drawing on the shirt of the guy sitting in front. Playing darts and other innovative games. Applicable to all people.

2. Guy in front or behind gets up to answer or while is busy doing something. I pin the tail on that donkey. Usually with tails made out of paper but my personal favourite is the long neck lace thing we use on id cards. Really great to see on someone else's ass! (not mine :-D) Once Rajeev almost walked out of class with a long tail. Now his senses are sharp and he is scared when I sit behind him. Now I have fun by feigning to keep a tail :-))

3. Pointing out people who are sleeping to teachers when they have cornered me with some question and/or firing me. Actually I did this only once. I pointed out Anand to Vidya Maam. Nothing serious mind you. Just some fun!

4. Hanging people by their legs on the top bars of the window. The guy is rendered helpless as he has to grab the bar with his hands to prevent falling down. Awesome technique which I pride to have invented. This technique is almost exclusively used on Jackie.

5. The trouble is when girls come in front of me. I am quite reserved with girls. Don't know how they react. They may cry. But my inner child is unleashed after a while. I instigate others or personally mess up their hair and sometimes tie up two different ladies. Shawls are also good to be tied up :-D

6. In S4 I created Hamsa Airlines. An exclusive airlines for those in love. We deliver the message to your babe or baby in no time. And we use our own 777 series of paper airlines. In old times Nala and Damayanthi had had swans (Hamsa) to deliver their letters. Nowadays Hamsa are their only in zoo. So we provide paper Hamsa. The advantage with our service was that we delivered letters even without you asking us to do that! And that too for free. Complete with a personalised poem/one-liner courtesy yours truly!

7. During tour I used to irritate Dhanya by babbling about Mahendragiri everytime we saw a hill. Poor girl was at her wits end by the time we reached Delhi.

8. Now for a failed prank. I used to irritate Pappu a lot during train journey in tour. Being 7 feet tall(not quite!) his legs stuck out of the berth and I used to poke at his feet whenever he was asleep. After a while he lost his temper and we had a fight (meaning he tried to hit me and I ran away :-D) I was angry and wanted revenge. So I organised a bonfire as soon as we reached Delhi. Only thing is instead of wood Pappu's underwear will burn! :-D All of them!
Later I mellowed down and Pappu apologised. To think of it I do a bad thing and he apologises. So I told the guys we will do a bonfire in Goa on the last day of the tour and planned to burn one of his underwears instead of all. Well in Goa, I forgot all about it. After all my night was spent chasing drunk Mr.Bulgan and Neo around the hotel.

9. Another failed prank. we had a plan to cut of the moustaches of all guys with moustaches. Heavy opposition came from those with the facial hair. We ignored but forgot to implement it during tour. Like I said before, every hotel night was a time to chase behind somebody.

10. Well, I can't think of anymore. Just put 10 to get a round figure :-P

Hail the Pranksta Dudesta!

Excerpts from the night before lab exam...

Got myself a new look...
Looks are important especially since first impression is the best impression...
Has to impress the external examiner...Heard its a lady ;-)

Had a sumptuous dinner...
Chilly Chicken and Fried Rice...Yummy!
Chinese food for every mood!

Time 8:30 PM. Hasn't touched books or PC. Fired up PC. Glances at the game shortcuts. Admonishes self for thinking about gaming.
Fires up Turbo C++. Looks at the programs Hafeez sent.
Can't understand...Must use power...
Back to desktop and fires up QCD. Slow to load.Wondering if songs would drag.
Selects Korn (Album:Take a look in the mirror)...haven't heard for a long time. Liked their new song Twisted transistor. Not much of a fan of Nu Metal.

Song: Right Now
Back to TC.
Yup! Right now I am going to do a simulation of Penalty in Football.
Writes functions. Draws field. Draws goal post.

Song:Break some off
Yeah! Take a break from thinking...
Fire up Thunderbird...Check a sent mail to Riya. Makes a mental note to write a better letter when Net goes online.
Checks some older mails. Did I sent these?

Song:Counting on me

Song:Here it comes again
Daydreaming broken. Thought my mother called me. False alarm or is it her inner self thinking about her son?
Fires up TC again. Blank stares at the screen.
Drifts of to daydreams again (should be nightdreams while awake or even evening dreams!)

Song:Deep Inside
Shuts of TC. Thinking...Will do TC later. Will stay awake the entire night.

Song:Did my time

Song:Everything I've known
Starts writing this entry.

Song:Lets do this now
Almost done the post. Enforcing the new Rocking Quality Policy(TM)

Song: I'm done

Fear Factory...

Yes, that is my mind right now...A fear factory...
Lots of stuff going on and the pace at which things happen is pretty much frenetic to say the least.
Today is 19th... The project submission is on 1st February...Not much movement at all...Infact nothing at all...I hope I don't pay the prize for over confident and arrogant about my abilities. May be should have swallowed my pride and went with the crowd...
I have this inherent nature that makes me sail against the wind. Is it good or bad?

Then there is the Computer Graphics Lab...The way my friends are preparing scares me a lot...May be they have got serious as the college has come to an end...And me? Still the same 'Fivepointsomeone' (no, I have'nt read the book and may be thats why the usage)
May be I am changing as well. My status in Yahoo reads listening to Krishna by Colonial Cousins ( got it from Jackie after a horrendous day) My messenger friends know that usually it is something like "Flying with Led Zeppellin", "Slain by the Slayer", "One night stand with an Iron Maiden" etc. May be I am getting mellower...

About good and bad...I believe everything is relative and being a follower of Bhagvat Geetha roots that belief. Everything happens for a reason and reason happens for everything. It is for the good that changes occur. These words provide an influx of strength into my soul. They have helped me a lot. I have repackaged myself a lot over these four years and have worked very hard in that. People who know me from school would probably be surprised at this me.
Some of those changes have been very consious and others have been unconsious.
May be I am seeing too many changes in an unchanged me...Don't know and can't say...

Then there is a big question of what to do after colllege...And the lingering dread of results looming large...I wished I had put my mind straight during exams instead of balking at it...may have to write as less as 6 to as much as 12 papers in addition to the current ones...And no I am not kidding...
But the overconfident self assures me I will be able to clear those huddles...But still the fact of what to do next remains a gaping void...baring its ugly teeth in my face.

MBA? have to wait for a couple more results. Then there is another one MAT, for the lesser institutes...But my mind is wandering away from it...may be the pride striking again...
Job? You need to clear cut offs and have got none in that department. May be there are opportunities for me as well.
Wait and then try to repeat CAT or civil service? You need a strong financial infrastructure at home to try anything like that. I think and I am the one person who needs to earn money as soon as possible than most other peers.

Then there is a massive scare as well. My cousin said recently that my uncle had commented to him that he knows something about me. Fearing the worst...Did he see me smoke? Shopping for Booze? or worse did he reach my blog? Can't even think of the consequences...may be he is just kidding and saw me giving second glances to some hot girl and made up a story to embarass me. I hope and pray it is the later.

Those are my fears venting out from the factory...pretty scare time...

Later Days
"The Pain is temporary...The Game is for ever!"

More quizzes....


Thinks far with vision. Easily influenced by
kindness. Polite andsoft-spoken. Having lots of
ideas. Sensitive. Active mind. Hesitating,
tends to delay. Choosy and always wants the
best. Temperamental. Funny and humorous. Loves
to joke. Good debating skills. Talkative.
Daydreamer. Friendly. Knows how to make
friends. Abiding. Able to show character.
Easilyhurt. Prone to getting colds. Loves to
dress up. Easily bored. Fussy. Seldom shows
emotions. Takes time to recover when hurt.
Brand conscious. Executive. Stubborn.

What Does Your Birth Month Reveal About You?
brought to you by Quizilla

This scares me...Every word is true...

Content love
You will have a Content love. Not
boring, but without fights and problems. You
will just... be in love. Simple as that. As a
person, you're not the one who laughs highest
or most often, nor the one in the dark corner
crying. You are the one who sits watching
everyone else, often with a little smile
playing on your lips. To you, life is good and
you will get what you wish for. You will fall
for someone who is herself, and lets you be

What Love are you Fated for? ~AWESOME anime pics!~
brought to you by Quizilla

Yup! Thats me...Sits watching others with a smile...And I hope this will be true...

The Mystery
You reflect the mystery of the spirit. A soul is a
very mysterious thing and you have proven thise
to us. This mysterious quality probably means
that you know more about your spirit than most
people know about their own, and you keep this
a well kept sercret, for there are just some
things that mustn't be known.

rate high ;-)

Reflections of the Spirit?
brought to you by Quizilla

*Rock is a little proud and adjusts his hair* :-P   

Breaking the Law!

This is post is about my first serious brush with the authority (read Principal).
The time...the days of S3. When we had a real @$$hole of a sir, lets call him Devil. (Can swear since he is no longer my teacher!) The guy did not teach well at all (an understatement) and once he even sent Nibin out of the class for asking a doubt. Me and Hafeez were also sent out once, though for a legitimate reason (We didn't bring the notebook :-P ) and we ended up getting an angry reprimand from our then class advisor Rajarajeshwari Maam.

The fellows from other colleges would be laughing. Dudes, our college is one with difference. We cannot cut classes. Even if we do where will we go? To the rubber farms? Well, our condition is far far better than other new colleges (barring MBT).

Well, back to our story. With the anger burning inside our hearts, tormented by the devil, we were looking for revenge. And then the first ever ACES (Ass of Com Sci Eng Studs) came. We were bent on putting a good show better than the one EC put forward.

One day yours truly, Rajeev, Nitin etc came to the lab to do some work in Flash. Only one system was flash enabled and our Apprentice Devil was sitting there (decided to demote him...Him and DEVIL??? Devil would throw me out of hell!). I went and showed him our permission letter (that my friend is the ticket to success in MCET) and asked him for the system. He seemed distracted and relinquished the system.

We needed the admin account and to our relief found it was logged on. We logged in and found a Yahoo mail window open. Suddenly we our eyes stuck on the senders address on the mail that was open. V------! Seemed like a teacher of ours!
We left behind the morals and decided to delve deeper into the Appi Devil's personal life. The letter read (lemme search I think I still have it!.......Nope! I lost it :-( ) something like this.

Dear Appi

I was not angry at you........
I was upset at that time as I did not get into the rank list of....... ..................( i did not add the dots.......)
Sorry if I meant any bad to you...
blah blah......
blah blah.....
blah blah.....
You are like an younger brother to me.....

This was enough to whett our appetite. We were gleeful of his rejection and searched the inbox for any other eviction notices (from hearts :-P) finding none. We showed this to all the people around us and news spread like wildfire. I sent the mail to Sreenath and an EC guy. THe next day Sree took printout and gave it to Bonny as he would be absent that day.Bonny gave it to Hafeez and Haf brought it like a flag into the bus. News once again spread, this time substantiated with evidence. I was having a smug look and got an el33t hacker badge (talk about stupidity in not logging off and getting an el33t symbol!).
But this time the wild fire spread too far. Reports started coming in of teachers knowing about it and Kuriachan, the then System Admin ( an @$$hole) and Mr.James Bond Sreejith sir heading a secret enquiry.

One day the Peon came to our class. Principal called Bonny. It was Bond's class. Then some thirty minutes later it was me who was called upon. Smug look on Bond bastards face! I concluded I was screwed. I went into Princi's office (heartbeat rising...then and now!) Princi told me to come in. She was talking with Bonny about the debacle of our Vocabulary classes and I was relieved and feeling smug again. Finally recognition for the vocab master as Princi has called upon the the Master to discuss the debacle. (Bonny was a class cutter in the vocab class so he is clled for that)
I was preparing how to tackle various questions and prepared my suggestions on improving the vocab of students....blah blah...till the bombshell dropped!

"Did you hack and read a teacher's mail?"
Me: *wide eyed and life pushing on both ends to escape* "No, maam"
Princi: *ROARS* THEN?????
Princi: *DIshum Dishum Dishum* ( honestly I don't remember)
Princi: So who printed the letter? I know other
Me: Sreenath. (I knew from her face that she knew all of them involved)
Princi: Looks into her list (hidden from me) and nods. Tells peon to cal Sree.
I curse the moment I said his name under my breath.
Princi: *DIshum Dishum Dishum*
Sree: Maam?
Princi: Come in. Did you print the letter that blah blah?
Sree:Yes Maam
Princi: *ROARS* WHY???
Sree: *After a lot of dishums and bruisings.* I wanted to show it to my friend Hafeez and so I gave it to Bonny who is at the same stop.
Princi: Call Hafeez. (Tells the peon)
Haf comes in.
Princi: *ROARS*Blah blah blah!
Haf: *mumble mumbe mumble*
After many blahs (iam tired of writing blah blah!)
Princi: *to me* You have done a very bad thing. I am going to tell your father. He is the PTA President right? Tell him how his son behaves.
*to Haf and Bonny* You people are blah blah.
*to Sree* You are the most loathsome one. Printing and Publishing.
*to all* I'll suspend you from the college!

So me the writer, Sree the publisher, Bonny the distributer and Haf the retailer. What a chain!!!

Princi: *After a looong silence and many blah blahs* You have to apologise publicly.
I was appalled and braced myself for a public humiliation. Then it struck me she wouldn't dare. The teacher (lady one) would be horrified at something like that.

Me: I am ready maam.
Bonny: Yes maam.
Haf: Yes maam.
Sree: *After a lot of delibration and prodding from me* Yes maam (he was then a very nice boy, a goody two shoes to the hilt)
Princi calls the teacher.
Princi: They realise their mistake and is ready to apologise publicly. *Teacher panics!* But I've decided that they would apologise to you.
Us: *Sorry and many separate blahs*
Teacher: You don't realise what you did you cost a man his.......
Princi cut in between and asked us to take leave and write an apology letter and came

We came out and I prepared an eloquent apology letter. Smug me and others entered and gave it to Princi. She was bowled by the language and said to show exemplary behaviour from now on.
Princi: ANy more issues and you will be susoended
Me: I'll be good maam. (But i did have issues...big issues...but no suspension or memos ;-) )

Hurrah! No father calling or suspension or memo!!!

Aftermath: It should be noted that our Appi Devil went berserk after an issue (I tink this one) and he had a fight with Princi. He tore away our lab attendence sheets. He went away after destroying lot of property in his hostel room. The teacher is now doing her higher studies and is married I think.
On our last college day in our class. We in the traditional Kerala dress :-) From L to R: Panackal, Hafeez (rabbit ear courtesy me!), Dinkan (Rahul), Me, Rajeev (Pappu, the tall), Rahul, Naveen, Anand, Kiran Posted by Picasa
From our trip to Agasthyarkoodam last year. Almost an year now...Still fresh in the memory...A trip of the lifetime...have no stamina to do one more...Thought i would publish after talking about trekking in the last post. Some 30+Km walk in a day. 25 to reach the base camp and then 5Km vertical ascent...We were panting like dogs after a small trek in Ponmudi...May be its time to quit smoking...
(From L to R) Anand, Hafeez, Me( Pekaboo!), Kiran, Jackie, Naveen and PanackalPosted by Picasa
From our recent Ponmudi Trip. (From L to R) Me, Panackal, Unni (at back), Sreenath and Anand. We had a small trek to a place where me and Kiran thought we heard a stream and we found a small water stream... Posted by Picasa
You Should Drive a Ford Explorer SportTrac

Tough and supercharged, you have some rather extreme driving practices.
You've been known to intimidate a few drivers. You rule the road.

An Ode to Odie...

"Bad boys and the girls who love them..." This was an episode of a VH1 All access show. It featured rock stars like Gene Simmons (KISS), Tommy Lee (Pam's own boy!), Liam Gallaghar (Oasis), Steven Tyler (Aerosmith), Mick jagger (Roling Stones), Eminem ( not a rock star!) etc
But this one is about our own bad boy who was tamed by a pretty mean lady :-(

Disclaimer: Bad boy in this article is not one like above. His vices extended to smoking and drinking and certainly not extending to womanising (ala Mick Jagger), dope (ala Steven Tyler) and extrme hatred (ala Eminem and Manson).
He is a reckless fellow, on the wrong side of the law (read teachers, Principal etc). But deep inside he is good fellow.

I am taking some liberties here with one of my best friends and I am exagerrating a lot of stuff just for the fun of it. Some of these incidents are purely and simply blown out of proportion. Figments of inflated memories I have cooked up in my mind. So please friends take it lightly and don't come running behind me with a hacksaw. ;-)

Once there was a bad boy. The Guru to many an aspiring fufologist and gugologist (smokin an' drinkin :-P). Lets call him Odie. The names may or may not be the same names in the tour reports.

Instance 1
Archie and Palmer at Gurusannidhi along with Garfield meandering nearby...
Guru Odie: What do you want my son?
Archie: I want to be an expert fufologist
Palmer: Me too...
Garfield :*hmmm...interesting lemme listen*
Guru Odie: The secret to fufu is concentration. It can take you to the transcendal levels of ecstacy...
Archie and Palmer : Yes, Guruji!
Garfield:*yeah whatever...*
Odie takes a cigarette in hand and places it lightly on lips. The other three watch intently..
Guru Odie: Placement is the key...
Garfield: What about timing then?
Guru Odie: Shut up!
Guru Odie lights the cigarette and throws the match away. Palmer and Archie watches with reverance.
Guru Odie: Now light cigarettes.
Disciples did the same.
Guru Odie: Suck in lightly.
Archie coughed.
Guru Odie: I said lightly.
Palmer was scared and took a very light sip.
Guru Odie: CIgarette won't feel any pain dear Palmer...
Guru Odie: Now take a light puff and do 'szeeee' with teeth and inhale.
Guru Odie: Now say haaa..
Archie and Palmer: HAAA!
Guru Odie: Not that are'nt calling any cows. But that dudes is a good puff.
Archie and Palmer places a packet of Wills Navy Cut at Guru's feet. Guru then gives his blessing to both of them "Deergha Fufu Bhava:"

Instance 2
A trip to a college for a competition.
After some heavy rounds of fufu and convincing the organiser about their gugu needs. The guys buy a "Full Bottle" of Contessa White Rum. A cheap and good stuff sponsored by Kobra.
The guys head to the under construction area of the hostel building in the company of a college driver and a staff. Only 3 glasses and many guys.
Odie is given the honour of pouring the wine.
Odie pours. 3 at a time drink. After a round the bottle is almost empty. That was fast. One peg remains. Shared by all. The driver drinks very little and suggests a night trip to nearby junction. All agree.
Kattabuji thinking, "They will think I have no capacity. God don't let me fall after one peg."
Garfield thinking, "They will think I have no capacity. God don't let me fall after one peg."
Kobra thinking, "They will think I have no capacity. God don't let me fall after one peg."
Odie thinking, "Did I pour a little too much?"
Neo thinking, "Swami Saranam!"

Garfield and Neo approaches a small chained fence about half feet high (feet not metre!). They stop. Stare at each other. Garfield says, 'Dude! Me on a high don't laugh if I fall."
Kattabuji says, "'Dude! Me too on a high don't laugh if I fall."
Neo trips over the chain.
Hogan is pretty careful in croosing the chain and is more careful in hoping over an imaginary chain link. Kobra promptly falls into a pit.
Guys realize they are on a high.
Hogan: That wash a preddy big beg, Odie.
Neo: Shucks!
Kattabuji: Did he shay shucks or shucks!
Garfield: I think he shaid shucks, Kattabushy!
Odie: Blush your dongue adleasht onsh or shpeech will shlurr.
Kattabuji: Ish shumthing wrong with his shpeech?
Kobra is flat on his back and Hogan is sitting like a dead bush.
Neo:Shwami Sharanam!

Instance 3
In a role of reversal Odie fell pray at "8 PM". Odie was threw up. THe others washed him up and stripped him to his underwear. Odie was placed under a shower for 30 minutes. Since all the others were in a high they mistook Odie for his jeans and vice versa. They wiped his jeans with a towel and laid out Odie in the sun to dry. After an our they regained some composure and brought Odie indoors. Odie on his way back in bus threw up again this time in front of a police station. Thankfully the SI was busy having an afternoon pint at a nearby bar.

After many more exciting and countless brushes with the law. Odie continued his reckless ways. Until one fine morning. That fine morning he found that the sunshine was shinier, the moonlight was moonier, the flowers were flowerier, the world seemed to slow down on him. He was in love.(He saw moon in the daylight, ample proof that love is blinding!)
He still tried to continue his reckless lifestyle. But, his enthusiasm was curbed. He was unsure of everything. He wanted to laugh and cry at the same time. He wanted to sing and dance at the same time. He wanted to...duh! I think I should get on with it. He wanted her.
Odie: Man, I really love her and i want her. Is it possible?
Garfield: Hmmm, mmmm,er.
Odie: Come on say what is in your mind. I can handle anything. After all its just a girl.
Odie rendevous closer to a cliff which is 100m high and ponders how he would land if he jumped. Garfield is sensing danger.
Garfield:Hypothetically speaking the time sharing system which Kernighan and Richie proposed is in direct conflict with the philosophy of Nietche which is in contrast to the Nihilist works done by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle while in seclusion at Timbuktu.
Odie: SO what do you mean by that.
Odie inches closer to the cliff.
Garfield: *Panicking* I mean it is probable to have her in all possibility.
A smile spreads over Odies face.
Garfield hides his guilt at telling a lie with a fake smile of reassurance.
The rest is history...

Aftermath: The girl in question fell head over heels in love with Odie. (rather unexpectedly!) Put an invisible noose over Odie's neck and tamed the beast. Now they live happily everafter!

P.S: 'Some' people wanted a happy story that ends well...
Your wish is my command :-P

Disclaimer II: I repead thesh thingsh are heavily exsha...exsha..whatever...rated to generate a fiction feel. I may be writing thish becaush...forgive my *hick* language!

What I wanted to be...

Just had my dinner. There was an interview with Mohanlal on Kairali TV. He was asked whether he wanted to do something that he wanted to but could never be. He replied that nothing of that sort is there. He had become everything in movies so that kind of negates the question.

My mother said then, "You used to say you wanted to be Mohanlal when you were 3 years old.You reasoned that if you became Mohanlal then you could be anything. Doctor, Police etc.
My father: "You wanted to be the trash trolley puller when you were 3!"

Well, I used to have a Russian childrens book then. (Believe me they rocked! I still have some torn pieces of it which I read out of Nostalgia...) In that there used to be a Porcupine (very cute looking one) which had a trolley made of wood. It used to collect stuff in it. I really wanted that and the only real life trolley I saw was the trash trolley.

During that time I wanted to be a CI (Circle Inspector of Police) after reading about the escapades of my father's friend a Police officer in the newspaprer. I really bothered my aunts playing Police by hitting and kicking them. Then I wanted to be a doctor and was confused.
Viola! I will be Mohanlal so I can become everything!

My mother tried to channel me later on and told me about IPS, IAS etc and told me the power of the pen that an IAS officer wielded. So I was interested in becoming one and I had that ambition for a long time until I learned more about the bureaucratic corruption and pulling down of honest officers. During this period I also wanted to become a IAF pilot and a cricketer (actually I wanted to be the youngest player of the team at 8,9,10 years etc and the youngest captain too!)

Then came the IT revolution and the staggering salary IT people earned. I used to dream getting $$$$$$alaries and I had not even seen a computer then apart from those staring at me at various offices.

Teens came by. I started reading more adult fiction books (not the sleazy kind mind you!) and immedialtely wanted to be a writer. I still harbour that desire...

Then some obscure dreams like rockstar, actor, director etc...

The last one was being a manager after getting an MBA. This got into my head well into the BTech course. But god knows whether I could make anything out of it...

It sure has been a great experience for me to recount all these desires. Expecting your comments. They really drive me!

P.S: Apologies for too much swearing in my story. I think I pissed some people. Sorry for that...
Your Inner Blood Type is Type B

You follow your own rules in life, even if you change the rules every day.
Sure, you tend to be off the wall and unpredictable, but that's what makes you lovable.
And even though you're a wild child, you have the tools to be a great success.
You are able to concentrate intently - and make the impossible possible.

You are most compatible with: B and AB

Famous Type B's: Leonardo Di Caprio

Hmmm...My blood group is B+...Any relation???

Just wanted to say I am alive...

Too much pressure these days. My last chance at a good management education around the corner. XAT on sunday. Not a bit of prep except for some reading up of permutations tonight.
Project is giving me jitters. Has to learn a lot to do what I wish. My proud self is'nt allowing me to be satisfied by something which I can chew. Importantly, I have my batchmates, who have placed their entire trust on me to consider. May God help them..
College is over in four months. After that...a big void looks upon me. Ofcourse I have got to clear a lot of backs I have placed on myself. I wish to do it one stroke or I won't be there to say something like the title anymore...
God...what is in store for me???

My brain! ( No reading between the lines please!)

Your Brain is 46.67% Female, 53.33% Male

Your brain is a healthy mix of male and female

You are both sensitive and savvy

Rational and reasonable, you tend to keep level headed

But you also tend to wear your heart on your sleeve

New year, New Hopes...

New year mornings are almost always not too special. Late wake ups and a rush to the school or college. Thankfully it is sunday today. So I can relax my ass today. New year brings with it a lot of new hopes and fears as well. Engineering Life will be dead and buried by May and I have got an uncertainity over my future. Lets see how things work out. I am optimist and I hope for the best.
Last year was pretty important for me. I have blogged about it in the fellowship blog. It is not that bleak as I wrote in that article though.
This year I hope would be good for all of you out there and for me as well. Haris and me have started a new newsblog. Web Vibz. It gives you information on all happenings on the internet and web scene. It has stemmed from our frustration at not able to find web news from one spot. It is not just for geeks mind you! I hope we will not be discouraged and carry on the work even if there is poor response. By the way I wanted the blog to be called 'Newt' and have a Newt as the mascot. But Hary just trashed my idea :-(
Hary has done an amazing design job in the site. Check out the collapsible posts and the integration with delicious.
It has currently got two posts and some information live from various sites. Please check out and please spread the word so that people visit the blog...
The vacation has passed of quite quickly. Lots of plans...but none materialised except for some gaming. More on that later(?)...Now it is time for serious studies and our project...Has to call ousr sir today to remind him of the Red Hat guys. We friends had never had a new year bash and badly wanted it... But it was not to be :-(. Now that this is the last semester this will be unfulfilled. Heres a cheers to our virtual party! The glass contains Royal Stag XV (in a virtual party you can imagine anything ;-)
But I had the fortune of having two memorable trips. One with the class guys and a reunion of sorts with guys from the school days.
I have never visited Ponmudi inspite of being in Trivandrum for the entire life. This was my first time. We decided to go at early morning to avoid the rush towards noon and to enjoy the morning cold.
We decided to leave at 6 A.M. SO I had to lie at my home that we had a cricket tournament and it would start at 6 and go on till afternoon. My parents readily agreed as they thought I needed a break from computers. Can't tell the truth people:
1: Ponmudi! No way! There is nothing to see and people go there to booze. Now you don't want to do that!
2. In bike till Ponmudi!!! After 10 years son...
These would probably be my parents reaction.
The Start
Woke up early and had a hurried bath. Hid my wet hair under a cap. Anand came to pick me up at 6 and we left for Kirans house. Panackal was late as usual so we were delayed and could start only at 6:40. Am I glad that we started then! It was fucking cold people! The ideal condition to do some wind in the hair motoring indeed! THe roads were barren and we reached Anad very quickly. (Our college is at Anad). From Anad it is some distance to Ponmudi.
The Ride
We were six. Anand and me on his Splendour, Sreenath and Panackal on Sree's DIscover and Kiran and his friend Unni in Unni's Karizma. By the way I hitched up in Karizma when the hirange came as Splendour would be dead after pulling my weight :-D
The hirange riding! Words can't express it dudes( and dames)! 22 hairpins and most of the time the roads are really narrow and bad. The dangerous bit is exhilarating to say the least. We reached the place near Meenmutti falls to have our breakfast. We resumed our ride. It was really cold with a few sunbeams offering respite at long intervals. There was some dense fog too. Hats off to the KSRTC drivers who ride rickety buses here...
The place
The road is built in the middle of the forest and you can experience a thrill of being in the forest. We reached the top. Nothing here to see except some spectacular views of lands below us. Very windy though. Me and Kiran heard a gush of water and we decide to climb down a hill to find the source. A small trek to the bottom brought us to a tiny creek with very little water. We wallked towards the interior. A real feeling of being in the forest. But some bastards have come here to booze and broke the bottles. Why do they have to harm other people? SOmeone had crushed a bottle with so much spite that the remnants were glass splinters. Took some photographs and rested there. We decide to head back after an hour. To my horror I found the climb to be little too steep and longer than I had thought. We once went to Agasthyarkoodam and had to Trek bigger hills in large numbers. I decided to climb and halfway through I was panting like a dog. All of us crashed out by the time we reached the top. One more trip to Agasthyarkooda? No thanks!
To beer or not to beer
After a much needed rest we thought of our plans. We decided to go to the KTDC hotel to just loiter around. After going their the evil yang came out, tempting us to have a beer. 5 beer drinkers. And 2 of them riders. Dangerous! The guys said to take 2 beers or no beers. Garfield and Hogan went inside the hotel to ask the price. 80 bucks for something that costs around 40! They were tempted by the looks and came back and begged to take one beer. Overruled as it was deemed too expensive much to the chagrin of Hogan and Garfield.
Golden Valley
We decided to go to the golden valley a place on the way back where we could bathe at ease in the stream. I had already decided to give it a pass I had a hintof fever. So i had no towel or spare underwear with me. I really wanted to get into the bloody cold water after being there! But it was not to be. Many families were there. And 3 couples probably in honeymoon. SOme school guys were there making nuisance to all around them. They were drinking some Patta (illicit liquor) and was showing off to some girls with their antics. We left Golden valle around noon to the restaurant to have food.
Eat all you want?!

We got in the restaurant was greeted by the workers their and one told us to have our food in merry. And we had some merry by taking 3 servings and earning a disrepute. I was stuffed like a doll but Kiran, Anand and Unni seemed to be good for atleast 3 more battles. Anyway we left the place and returned home.En route we saw the guys from EC(electronics & communication) in Anoop's car going to Ponmudi.

A really wonderful experience and must do if you are a responsible biker. Speeding is a strict no no in the highrange. You'll escape only if you are lucky. And choose early morning, it is the best time!