End of Green Park?

The biggest incentive working in Technopark for me is the environment. The lush green surrounding always calm me whenever I am stressed out. There are so many birds around that I hardly know the name of many. I don't find them even in the rural areas! I don't know whether there are any true villages remaining in Kerala. Anyway, lets come back. There are so many mongooses here. Practically unafraid of us humans. They often come near inquisitively. I like them a lot (Reminds me of Riki Tiki Tawi!). But also I get an irrational fear about snakes when I see them. May be because on days I sit late, I take a short cut to the main road. Through an unlit kacha road with a canal nearby.

I am just drifting on and on I guess. I am deeply disturbed by the latest plans by the Technopark authorities. They are planning to cut a large number of trees to build a new parking space and construct yet another road. Good plans on that parking, its a big issue. But I just can't accept the fact that they are cutting down so many trees! The biggest selling point of Technopark is the ambiance. If thats gone, then this place becomes soulless. I hated the artificiality of certain SEZs I saw in Bangalore and I dread the same will happen here too. Cut them all down and bring in some readymade trees for landscaping!

I wish it would remain the same. I take a walk among these trees on those fucking stressed weekends. Just taking a stroll sometimes or sitting on the stone benches. Having phone conversations sitting there...Chatting up with friends during the lunch breaks. We invariably take an extra half an hour getting to office on those days!

Those days seem to be coming to an end. Trees replaced by concrete beams... Mongooses replaced by cars and bikes...A necessary evil? May be...May be not...

A friend of mine sent a mail to the head of Technopark and he replied that it also pained him and they were felling only 10 trees. I could see that figure as around 50! May be just considers those trees which are higher than 50 feet as trees and coconut trees as some decorative palm! I don't know whether they are planning this expansion with future enhancements in mind. I hope they do, or Technopark could just end up being a barren wasteland with concrete monsters and heartless people.

I took a few snaps of the massacre. The quality is not that great and the same goes for the photographer!

And a small video to boot.


VJ said...

Hi Naru, I just love your writing. Your most enviable pieces arrest my eyes for sure. Great work; keep going. I hardly get any time to concentrate well on some creative writing, like you do in here. My extreme efforts at blog promotion and online advertisements gorge up most of my time, that's why. Your writings remind me a lot of Stephen King, perhaps due to your use of gaudy mallu words prevalent in the most recent of your posts. I will have to concentrate on my creativity, a lot, dear.

Oops! strayed away from the centerpiece, I think you should visit my village, which stands quintessential, still yelling that the rural beauty persists. I guess you wont find too many birds there, perhaps, but a cool lake! That's the landmark.

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