One door closing...will any other open?

It seems my life is being sucked into a of all people, suffering a never ending torture...
University has screwed me again, this time with a big spade!

My exam was preponed mere days before happening and I had no clue!
Yeah, yeah! Call me a dumb ass! But still it was not supposed to happen!
and an unfair revaluation rejection...

So, whatsupwiththat?

Likelihood of losing my job...I would be really glad if I lose that big raise that everybody is looking forward, rather than the job. TBMS has been running through my vain for the past 4 months and it would be great loss...for the company! :-P

End of the road?
Not quite...another offer may materialize (just may!) or I would have to go and teach some new kids what technical communication is all about for some 8 months or so! Not that I am not fond of it, but the pay will be a pittance...once hooked to can never get the kick off!
With my experience it would be arrogance to speak about money...still...talent=money in my book!

Will get a clearer picture in the coming days...probably today...
For me clearer would be the apt word. Haziness and uncertainty will never cease in my life...never!

P.S: A wonderful site I stumbled upon Self Creation. I liked it immensely. If only people had the mind and patience to read through, they would be happier in life.


InfJunkie said...

The only certain thing in life in its Uncerainty :D
Kerala university sucks alright..with the schedules getting changed just days before the exam *sigh*
I hopes everything clears up real soon...and about the site..good one :)

Unknown said...

controlled(?) or uncontrolled(?) chaos(?) :D

The Storyteller said...

I just hope things turn out well in the end ... :)
Life sometimes has lots of surprises in store for you, the gift wrapping just takes time to come off ;)
Praying for u


Unknown said...

@freebird: Uncertainty...indeed!

@akhil: uncontrolled! :P

@arti: well...i sure hope so! :-)

The door seems didnt close! :P

prince said...

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