Rooom Wars:Episode IV Attack of the Ecitons

"Onward March!", screamed the sixlegged Atabash.

"Aye Sir!", The soldiers replyed in Unison to their leader.

"Gotta reach the isolated plateau of the Grihandus by Morhua. Speed up!", Atabash commanded.

Me gone Mad???

Not really.

Its just that an army of ants have invaded by desktop.
Worse still they are having a free run inside my keyboard!
Hope nothing bad happens. I guess I will vaccuum the place in the morning. Can anyone tell the consequences of an ant attack?


Eciton : A type of Ant.

Grihadon: The escape key.

Morhua: A unit of Ant time equivalent to 30 human seconds.
Hi people

Very long since my last post.
Made some changes to the blog. (Learning my way through here.) Hope you like it.
Have been thinking of blogging for a while. Couldn't get to do it.
Not lack of Subjects but lack of drive.
Lot of subjects infact:
A friendly street dog...
Our association inaugration...
Campus Placements and My Statements...
Ants invading my desktop and infiltrating my keyboard....!?
What do I write first!

"Why Rock?"

"Why Rock?"

Most people ask this question when they see my mail id, user id etc.

The answer I tell them is that Iam Rock Solid.

Only I know it is far from the truth.

I had a fascination for the name Rocky from my childhood. I had written an essay in 2nd Standard (7years) abou my pet dog. I had no pets then (still I don't have one) and so I wrote the essay with Rocky as my dog. I often wonder why I choose this name.

When I saw the movie Rocky and flowingly I had a relapse. I had watched the cartoon when I was really small ( may an episode or so in Doordarshan. Iam not sure) and only thing I remember was the chanting "Rockyyyy Rockyyyy" and that might embedded into my memory.

Also I became a big fan of The Rock (WWE/Movie Star) in the late 90's. I simply loved him for his Athletism and his Charisma and his Name. So in school I started to call myself Rock. This has continued till date.

NeXt Issue: My Best Days

Hi Bloggie
This is my first blog.( as if you didnt know)
Seems alright...
So lets begin A rewarding (hopefully) experience.
See you soon.

Next Issue: "Why Rock?"