Ancient Thrills

Ancient civilization. Dig. Gun. Artifact. Conspiracy. Esoterica. Professor. Prospective authors please note, you will get atleast one buyer for your book if these key words are there on your book cover. It would also help if you get someone to give comments like "Stunning!", "Tour De Force!" etc.

I am such a sucker! My book collection has grown because of a few books I bought specifically due to these keywords.

A small list which could well be incomplete:

The Temple by Mathew Reilly

Cover of "Temple"Cover of Temple

Peru. Inca. Idol. Guns. Pretty decent. Good read on a lonely day.

Seven Ancient Wonders by Mathew Reilly

Decent book. Lots of traps and thrills. Moments like the discovery of the Hanging Gardens are really good.

Six Sacred Stones by Mathew Reilly

Sequel to the above book. Same old stuff. The ending is a cliff hanger though.

The Last Testament by Sam Bourne

Cover of "The Last Testament"Cover of The Last Testament

Palestine. Israel. Biblical artifact. Middle east solution. Peace talks. Okay okay book. Not much of thrills to be frank.

The Rozabal Line by Ashwin Sanghi

This is book which jumps from one era to another in a short notice. This keeps things interesting but makes it hard to relate to the characters. Speaking of characters there are too many! It tackles the Jesus in India theory and very cleverly marries it to other religions. At times it may feel scholastic, but bored you certainly won't be! Highly recommended! The authors blog is here.

Drat! The list is smaller than I thought. Anyways, later days.

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Adorable Pancreas said...

I like the restraint you employed in leaving out the Da Vinci Code.
The Temple came with high recommendations, but still haven't gotten round to reading it. :)

Unknown said...

@Adorable Pancreas: These are the recent reads. Stuff I read within the past 3 months or so. Dan Brown books would have come had I not read it 4-5 years back. *sigh* 4-5 years? I feel OLD!

Resmi... said...

Long time since I borrowed books from u... Now its time again!!! :D

Unknown said...

@resmi: Come and get it. Theres no chance that I am going to come to Tumbuktu to give you the DVDs! :P

Resmi... said...

@ Rockus: Timbuktu...our office s going to b shifted to Domlur.

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