Just went through the movie Shatranj Ke Khiladi (Satyajit Ray) came upon the following dialogue.

Very Amusing and Educational to say the least! :-P

Some British Officer: Also dresses up like a Hindu God, I'm told.

His Junior: Yes, sir. He also composes his own operas.

SBO: Doesn't leave him much time for his concubines......not to speak of the affairs of state. Does he really have 400 concubines?

HJ: I believe that's the count, sir.

SBO: And 29 muta wives. What the hell are muta wives?

HJ: Muta wives, sir.

SBO: That's temporary wives.

HJ: Temporary wives. - Yes, sir. A muta marriage can last for 3 days, 3 months or 3 years. Muta is an Arabic word.

SBO: -And it means temporary.

HJ: No, sir.

SBO: - No?

HJ: It means, enjoyment, sir.

SBO: Oh! Oh, yes. I see. Most instructive.

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