A Party...

Just came home after a party. A housewarming party. A horrible experience to say the least.
Me and my parents went there just after me and mommy had a very uncomfortable talk. Looks like I have to be really careful...
So was not in the best of moods.
I usually hate these kind of parties when I have no company. My cousin is out of station so one is crossed of a precariously small list. When we reached there were lot of familiar faces. FIxed up a cheshire cat smile on my face and lit it up any time I saw anybody looking at me.

Woman: Do you know me sonny?
Me: *cheshire cat* (Who are you?)
Woman: Don't know? You *blah blah*
Me: *cheshire cat reloaded* (errr, I have no idea what you are talking about)
Woman: Still no? Your mother *blah blah*
Me: *cheshir cat revolution* (y do u bother?)
Woman: Still u didnt get me?
Me:NO! ( I really mean No!)
Woman: Aha! You got me!
Me: *smug smile replaces cheshire cat* (Did I?)

Went upstairs...they were making food and the dining area...bad place to be when you are alone! People will think you are a pig! (No, I am NOT!)
A balcony...Aah! Some peace and quiet! Suddenly some ladies rushed behind me...
I ran away with my smile fixed...Decided to pretend to have a phone call and rush outside...
Thankfully Panackal called exactly then! (Aliya thanks! You saved my life!)

So went outside and sat in chair a little distant...Took my mobile and sent out some stupid messages... (By the way Hafeez Message about disease originated from me :D)
Nothing to do...No one is noticing me...Thought about playing with the little ones...they were running around with a toy guitar which strangely sings like a piano! They were'nt very receptive to my inviting smile. Must have seemed like a villainous smile :P :-(

Started reading my messages (around 190), purging many old ones to stay within the limit. Still very bored...
My aunts and uncles came then...I searched for a cousin of mine...Learned he had some school work (he is in 12th...poor guy! doesnt realise he will be working his ass off for atleast the next 5 years of his life!)

A relative came and sat near me...reeking of liquor....he is a very nice person and we share a bond over the years and I have high tolerance for liquor smell (you drink for nothing after all :D)
Still I couldn't stand it...probably Old Cask...a cheap rum...

After a while he went away...I was relieved and sad at the sametime...
Then I saw my uncle...enthisiastically went to him...

Uncle: I was looking to get you alone!
Me: You have been saying that for a long time now :P (For atleast 6 months)
Uncle: Yeah...I know
Me: You know what?
Uncle: *evil grin* _______________________________________
Me:oh! who told?
Uncle: Won' t tell...
Me: Hmmm
Uncle: Everybody knows...
Me: What?
Uncle: I mean the guys around here...
Me: Oh! *relieved*
Uncle: be careful...
Me: Hmmm...

I ran away as fast as I can without looking stupid...
And then looked around and found that Dad had gone to eat and I was alone now!
Cursed uncle under my breath and went inside to find mother...
She was in the midst of a ladytalk and I tried to sneak away...drat...I was caught!

Mommy: He is my son!
Me:*cheshire cat*
Ladies: You know us
Me: *feigning surprise* Pinne! (meaning ofcourse...but it has the meaning of 'later' in malayalam..ie I will ask Mother later!)
Ladies: What do you do now?
Me: Finished BTech (Now doing nothing and I have no job as of yet! So please show your sympathy and let me go!)
Ladies: Campus placement?
Me: Nope
Ladies: Hmmmm *dissapprovingly* (Drat! there goes another potential groom for my Brother's Sister in law's mother's sister's granddaughter!)
Mommy: *looks at me accusingly*
Me: *a mean cheshire cat* (Don't even think about her Brother's Sister in law's mother's sister's granddaughter!)

Back to my old place and found some of the bigger kids sitting and they were pointing at me...
A guy looked up and I was so damn happy!
He was a friend I have'nt seen for such a long time and what an opportune moment for him to show up!

We exchanged our current status...Bitched about our respective Universities (not respected! :P)
And Mommy called us to eat something...

There was some delay in making appams. The damn fools should have made more before hand! As we were waiting for the food we talked about things.
My cousins lovelives...
My non existent lovelife...
His very existent till 6 months back lovelife... (News Flash! A prominent hot babe, formerly an engineering megababe, now an Infosys superbabe of our city, is single again!)
Food came...went as it came...we were lucky enought to get two appams...consoling each other there is always next time...
well, almost always...appams flew around...but none to our plates...so we had to be content with a cutlet to wrap it up...And as a finale an idiot cousin of mine showed up...the asshole should have come couple of hours back...else I would have been spared of being bored to death for 2 hrs straight...

Now for Goodbyes...
Lady 2: Bye bye sonny...(May be I should note his name down as a potential candidate for my Brother's Sister in law's mother's sister's granddaughter. I have heard he has a similar aged much cuter cousin...let us see)
Me: Bye... (:P :P :P to your Brother's Sister in law's mother's sister's granddaughter!)

Lady 1: Look, your son knew who I was.
Mommy : Aha!
Me: *cheshire cat*

Later on as we walked back...
Mommy: You knew who she was?
Me: I don't have the slightest idea!
Mommy: I guessed so!

There goes the day...shame, guilt, lies...the day seemed so good till 4:30!


Anonymous said...

Nice evening!!
hehehe....me almost always never gets bored in such events coz sis will be arnd :)

Anonymous said...

Ladies: Hmmmm *dissapprovingly* (Drat! there goes another potential groom for my Brother's Sister in law's mother's sister's granddaughter!)

for yours placed truly, it is total :-& :-S in such sitations.

Every single one of them wants to be Her Highness Matchmaker. :-|

And when they hear "infosys", the smiles become more devilish. :-& :-SS

btw, I also have had the same "do u know me" crappy experience as u!

Ashwin Raju said...

any idea about where i can find the single infosys superbabe...???

The Storyteller said...

"Ladies: Hmmmm *dissapprovingly* (Drat! there goes another potential groom for my Brother's Sister in law's mother's sister's granddaughter!)"



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