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Exams have been postponed and the motivation levels for studies have hit the bottom...Hope I start again tomorrow. Was playing NOLF2( No one Lives for Ever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.S way). Got stuck and shut it up. Will do a post on the game as it really deserves one. Its been a while since I enjoyed myself with a game. Not even Civilization IV was this enjoyable. (which incidentally is one of the greates games ever!).
Downloaded some magazines yesterday (thanks Hary!)
Found myself doing a few Hit Parader Magazines (metal music magazine!)
And found a big feature Hard Rock's most famous bands from 60's to 2006. I can see some of you going for that 'X' button on top! Bye Bye!
For those who are still with us lets continue!

25 bands from 35 years...simply mindblowing...I played a song of each band in the chronologically order making sure I selected songs which I don't usually hear but really good.


The time when Rock became Rock! (This Rock became Rock in 1984 by the way! :P)
Cream: Best of the Best

If you check my music charts you can see the song "Sunshine of your Love" topping the charts. Thats a song by the Cream.
The band is indeed the Cream. The first ever super group!
The best guitarist (Eric Clapton), the best bassist/vocalist (Jack Bruce) and the best drummer (Ginger Baker). To be frank I don't listen to any other song by them. So decided to play "I Feel Free". Was blown away...

Jimi Hendrix: The Guitar God

No question...the best guitarist ever (Eric Clapton is my favourite though!) The playing is so amazing...His band was called Jimi Hendrix: Experience. An Experience Indeed! Played the song Voodoo Child.

Led Zeppelin: Hard Rock Royalty

Arguably the best band ever. Featuring great vocals (Robert Plant), brilliant bass and keyboard (Jon Paul Jones), insane drumming (Jason Bonham- the best ever!) and Jimmy Page (my second all time favourite guitarist!). I heard the song Good Times, Bad times as a part of the package.

If I write about all the would be really really long post...
So I am just giving the era, the bands and the song I listened to...( I know "LIke you care!")


Golden Era probably!

Black Sabbath: Master Blaster The original loud band! Listened to the song "Black Sabbath"

Kiss Never been into Kiss. The first shock rockers. Face paint and all. Listened to Detroit Rock city (Actually I forgot about this and listening now! :P)

Deep Purple: Highway Star One of my favourites. Too many changes in lineup though. Richie Blackmore is one of my favourite guitarists. Song I played : "Burn"

Aerosmith: Boston Bad Boys One of my first loves. I love "I dont wanna miss a thing" and Liv Tyler! (she is the leadman Steven Tylers daughter!) Played:" Dream On" (I really love it!)

Judas Priest: Inside the Beast The leather rebels. The Harley loving band. They ride it on stage! Loud and Fast. Pure Metal! Played :"Metal Gods"

Van Halen: Faster than light Once again not into Van Halen. Thought the guitar is simply brilliant. Played: "Panama"


The era of glam and hair metal. Decadence was the topic of the day!

MOTLEY CRUE: WILD IN THE STREETS Probably people know about the band mates as boyfriend of Pamela Anderson (Tommy Lee) and other gupshup. Just started on them. Listened to a few songs. Liked the good old hair metal. Played: "Too Fast for Love"

AC/DC: GODS OF THUNDER The Gods Indeed. One of my favourites of all times. Total kickass! Guaranteed! Played : "Rock n Roll ain't noise pollution"

METALLICA: PEDAL TO THE METAL The band that made thrash metal mainstream. Kicked the ass of hair metal and brought in sanity. Though my favourite band (one of!) I usually listen to the later albums from Jason Newstead era (the ex bassist). Decided to hear something from Ciff Burton era (dead bassist and the best ever!). Played "Fade to Black"

OZZY OSBOURNE: THE METAL MASTER May be master but have'nt listened to him sans Sabbath apart from some videos on TV.

SLAYER: HEAVIER THAN HELL Totally heavy and nowhere commercial. Pure mayhem! Listened to "Hell Awaits"

IRON MAIDEN: FINE-TUNED MACHINE Another all time favourite. I love watching their live videos on TV. Kick ass in the classiest manner! Listened to "Phantom of the Opera"

DEF LEPPARD: LETTING IT ROCK Listened to Leppard when I started on rock music. Still likes a lot. Listened to : "Love Bites" (an amazing song!)


The decline of rock...:-(

NINE INCH NAILS: REZNOR’S PASSIONDon't like this sort much (industrial). Trent Reznor's one man band. (The others change for each album) But I liked the song I played. "The hand that feeds"

GUNS N’ ROSES: RUN AWAY TRAIN Oh Boy! My all time favourite. Enuff said! Played "Mr.Brownstone" (its about brown sugar for the record!)

NIRVANA: CHANGING ROCK’S COURSE Changed pretentious rocking and brought angst. Grunge at its best. Listened to "Heart Shaped Box"

MARILYN MANSON: EYE TO EYE I listen to their Personal Jesus a lot. Apart from which I don't hear much. Not for the righteous christians. Played: "Disposable Teens" (the song is about the high school shooting in US)

ALICE IN CHAINS: GLOOM MERCHANTS Gloom Merchants indeed. Depressingly good songs! Listened to "Again"

SOUNDGARDEN: TAKING NO PRISONERS Have'nt heard a single song!

KORN: NEW METAL PIONEERS Not a fan of Nu Metal. Though I like Linkin Park. I liked Korn's new song Twisted Transistor (hilarious video!) Listened to: "Here to stay"

The 21st century

A revival period?

SLIPKNOT: MUTANT METAL ARMY Hugely Popular and very heavy. But I don't find it to be interesting. What I found interesting is that there are 9 in the band and the makeups are scary! Listened to: "Don't Get Close"

SYSTEM OF A DOWN: GET WITH THE SYSTEM My favourite new gen band (after Coldplay!) Political songs with a vision. Though a bit leftist. Kicks ass hard and hates Bush! Listened to :" Soldier Side"

AUDIOSLAVE: FACE OF THE FUTURE A supergroup with expatriates (actually the instrumentalists) of Rage Against the Machine and the singer of Soundgarden. Really good. I loved the first album but didn't listen much to second one. I love the song "Show me how to live" (hears it in Rosebowl everyday!) but listened "Cochise" for now...

Hmm...We start with a supergroup and end with another one! How Fitting!

24 was a really good musical journey...Refreshed my jaded mind and I am raring to go now!

Hopefully you people can see a story the next time you come here. :-)



-Poison- said...

nolf 2 owns man..

Erosimian said...

hey. what about Rage Against the Machine?

Many of their songs are political.

Unknown said...

@poison: Yep!

@duttan: They were not in the list...
I would have included them though...
wanted to make a special mention...but forgot...would have included RATM and Megadeth in there...

Anonymous said...

According to, the best guitarists ever are Hendrix, Page and Clapton, in that order.

Anonymous said...

I think its interesting that people in India are all into American music. I don't mean to burst your bubble, but Mr. Brownstone by Guns'n Roses is not about brown sugar. Its about Heroin. Heroin is brown, and then you "cook" it, boiling it in water to get it to dissolve, then you inject it. I've never used it, but seen other people using it. Here's an excerpt of the song from a lyrics website:

Shoved it in the bindle and i shot it in the middle
And it, it drove outta my mind
I should've known better, said i wish i never met her said i,
I leave it all behind yowsa!

He shot it in the middle, as in injected it into his arm.

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