Tour Report-IV (Camels ride to Delhi)

By the way I forgot to mention a very tense moment. We got down at Gandhinagar (or was it Ahmedabad?) and someone told us train stopped for a while here. Well, "while" turned out to be 30 seconds and all of us were stranded and frantically jumped into the moving train! Really scary. We hadot take a count to make sure everyone was in.
We reached Rajasthan by next morning. While brushing my teeth I glimpsed a Camel in the Desert which looked very un-desert like. Heavy unprecedented rains. Guess we took rain all the way from Trivandrum to all places we went.
Then we saw many houses which were coloured very brightly and was really annoying to look at. Some houses were Blue and others were yellow.
Nitin told that the blue ones belonged to Brahmins and they practiced segregation from others. Racial Superiority! Fucking Bull Shit! Even the wells were painted blue. Though Iam not very liberal in caste religion stuff (Throw Reservation out of the window!) I was appalled by the prospect of people being denied of water due to their social status in this 21st century. Reminds of stories of Premchand.
Anyway the journey was taxing a lot. No bath since stepping on to the train. Though we boys enjoyed playing the "World Cup", I suspect it was not the same for the ladies.
THE World cup was really a demanding tournament. One "cup" and many guys. Fight to the finish! If you get the cup probably you find the ground has been occupied by some asshole from the next compartment. I personally had good world cups mostly one sided.
Enough of sleaze! Lets get on!
Uneventfully we entered Haryana. My mom had her training in Haryana (Nilokiri and Karnal) and is always very vocal about her experiences. So it was a wish fulfillment for me.
We reached UP and on the way we got down at many stations to set foot "here" and "there".
You must be wondering how we know the exact borders. Well the cell phome companies (no exception here sends a message "Welcome to ------!"
We were ready for Delhi and we were really rearing to go as Delhi came. At Nizamuddin we saw some really cute girls. hmmm... A prelude?
To cut it short we reached Delhi Platform-12.
P.S: we had an amazing experience at Gujarat. It demands its own post.
Later Days...


naveen said...

Nice postings....a bit delayed but v cld afford a bit delay 4 a good stuff... and aliya...did u forgot abt our chail pulling incident????

Unknown said...

no da it demands its own post!

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