Why dumping Class X exams doesn't make sense

In fact, it's not the exam at all. It's the sheer paucity of opportunities thereafter. It's the puny scale and scope of Class XI and Class XII. It's the Size Zero scale and scope of college. Ironic as it is, it is a fact that the average Chintu went off to a Chicago uni because he didn't get through Khalsa. More and more students are going off to do all sorts of courses across the world. Melbourne beckons after Class XII because successive governments have failed them.
Sibal says, "The Indian education system is a source of trauma for both parents and children". No, sir. The education system is not the source of trauma. It's gaining access to the system at the nursery and college levels that's traumatic. It's coping with the dearth of options within the system that's traumatic. If his decision is based on the tragic instances of children committing suicide post poor results, it's not the education system, Mr Sibal. It's because their options close after that. Doors close. A child who is pushed to kill herself over low marks will blame herself for a low percentile as well. She's still left stranded.

Problem: Headache
Solution: Cut your head off!
This seems to be the approach taken by Kapil Sibal!

Click through to read an excellent post by Nandita Sengupta.

Do we really want to dumb down things? Create better opportunities for higher education instead of proposing silliest of solutions. Most students are not scared of board exams because they are board exams. They are scared to think what lies ahead.

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Praveen said...

When they made all those talks of restructuring the education system, I never thought they had such things in my mind :(

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