5 Signs You Are On Autopilot

Read this wonderful entry from the Life hacker feed. Got me to ponder quite a bit.
I was on autopilot for many years. Sure, I was traveling through life
with my eyes open and my hands on the wheel. But it seemed as if I was
heading toward some pre-determined destination that had been chosen for
me by others. In addition, it seemed that whenever I turned the wheel
to guide me toward this destination, that there was no conscious
thought behind my actions.
That really sums up our life these days. Life predetermined. When something goes awry we are very much disturbed as if our world has ended. Our spirit seems to have lost its quality. Mechanical life takes the sheen out of our spirits. Enough mambo jambo. Lets get to the questions to determine whether my life is on autopilot or not.

1. You know exactly where you will be in 5 years (and it depresses you!)

Actually, I have no idea where I will be 5 years. I have got to an excellent start as a Technical Writer and without reservation I can say that I am quite good. But, other avenues are winking at me and I have a broad avenue of interests. Thinking about my future after 5 years does not depress me from a professional angle in any way.
2. Your career is what your parents wanted you todo
Never! My parents where dead against me going into an uncharted territory. My parents really want me to get into the civil service, something which is not beyond my capability. But civil service has never appealed to me ever since I became knowledgeable regarding the real world, say 11-12 years old. But my parents have full faith in me and I have full faith in my instincts. Latter has not failed the former in either case till date.
3. You went straight from school to college to work
This is not applicable to people like me who needs to work or study unless either option cannot be found. I cannot spend an year away just like that!
4. You did well in school and automatically chose a college course
that was the hard to gain acceptance into (eg medicine or law)
I didn't do well in school. So Not Applicable. :-D
5. Your interests and/ or hobbies are all the same as from when you were a child
Hmmm...one hobby that has remained throughout my life has been reading. I enjoy it a lot. As long as there is good stuff to read, it will never end. Others have changed over the period of time. My latest hobby is to collect movie trilogies! Finished Oceans series and LOTR. Will finish Indy Jones today. Will be taking up Star Wars soon.

Sooooo...whats the result?
Am I on autopilot?
As some would say "Ithoru rogamaano doctor??"

I think that I am not on autopilot. What about you??? Anyone wishing to take up as a tag? ;-)


Pradeep Nair said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope you'll keep coming back!

This is an interesting post. My philosophy is that while one must try to pilot ourself, sometimes we must leave autopilot take over and we must relax.

Unknown said...

@pradeep: Yeah...sometimes autopilot is good...but it may be a little stifling for me...I like to be in control :-)

Unknown said...

You're n't on autopilot, rockus :-D
Sometimes, you sound like you should be my Hero! ;-)

Unknown said...

@akhil: Gee..thanks man! ;-)

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