Dispatches - Terror in Mumbai (Full video+download)

A must see video. I had posted this earlier, but YouTube took it down. This version in Vimeo is much better. The entire video is available as a single file. You can view in its entirety or better still download and watch in your time. You need to register in Vimeo to download the file. Another option is to log in using Facebook Connect.

The inhuman carnage is made even more painful by the calm demeanor in which the terrorists carry out their task. Relevant to all of us since Ajmal Kasab is on trial with a whole lot of courtroom tamasha.

I would also like to show a finger or two to those who say that Ajmal should be hanged now in public. We are a civilized kind or at least pretend to be so. A trial is a privilege we give to all the accused and more importantly a trial can bring out much more credible information than the case of a confession secured by torture. The sheer mental agony is the best medicine to break down a person.

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