Bhramaram: The Disquieting Buzz

Watched Bhramaram last Sunday. I wanted to plonk down some multiplex money on the movie as the reports have been pretty good. But my fear of getting to know the entire story made we watch it while I was in Kerala. Money well spent and won't hesitate to watch it again from a plushy multiplex as opposed to the stench I subjected myself to watch the movie.

Bhramaram heralds the return of form for two people Malayalam cinema needs badly. Mohanlal and Blessy, with the latter being even more important. After a couple of woeful outings in the form of Red Chillies and Sagar Alias Jacky, Mohanlal returns what he does best. Acting, as opposed to dressing up and walking up and down.

The life of the movie is Mohanlal and its his show all the way. A good thing this time, as the other actors are at best par and many of them below par. The story is simple and the movie moves along at a crisp pace. The movie is about love, redemption, and revenge. Locations are fabulous and fresh. Camera work is superb and technically the movie is excellent.

The worst point in the movie for me was the annoying acting of the kid acting as Mohanlal's daughter. She spoils the drama and makes you cringe instead of sympathize. Movie could have been made crisper had Blessy avoided the song towards the end (which was pretty dumb in my opinion). He could have cut short the fight sequence or avoided it altogether. Blessy should have taken a queue from his teacher Padmarajan. In Thoovanathumbikal, not a single fight scene is present. Still we strongly feel that Jayakrishnan, the protagonist, is a tough nut. Screenplay could have been tighter and a little more fleshed out. These factors stop the movie from being an outright classic and one at par with the golden stuff our industry gave in the 80's. Movie does remind you of Thaazhvaaram, the classic revenge saga, but this stands a couple of feet shorter next to it due to the avoidable discrepancies.

Blessy's return to form is welcome after the disaster of Calcutta News. Me personally enjoyed Bhramaram more than Thanmaathra. Bold statement! May be its just me that feels the artificiality projected by happy families in Blessy's movies.

Verdict: Watch it! You certainly won't regret it!

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