Found this is Friday Five and liked it.

1. If you were to have a scholarship created in your honor, what qualities would you look for in applicants (leadership, service, GPA, etc.)?

GPA is bullshit. People with high GPA can be both muggers and geniuses. There can be people with no real "definitive talent" having a high GPA. Also, some can be flatout arses with no regard for the society. I would never create a scholarship in terms of GPA.

Service is paramount. IQ and EQ both are equally important. Abstract thought counts. Creativity would be a defining factor. Enthusiasm is a must. There will be personal interviews.

2. Who would be eligible to apply for your scholarship (members of a certain major, ethnic group, sexuality, etc.)?

No discrimination except there would be a weightage given to economically disadvantaged. Their need would be greater than that of a well to do kid.

3. Would it be need-based or not? Why?

Need-based is contentious. Whose need? Some may need the money to fund a new project. Some of them may need to further their education. It would be left to the recipient on how to spend the money. Strict monitoring would be present. Also, kids would be given many options which they can take or they could do anything of their own subject to approval.

4. What would you call it?

L.E.A.P -> Libre Education Assistance Prize

Libre as in Freedom. Give the kids a chance to leap for their freedom.

5. If you made applicants write an essay, what would the topic be?

Why should I be the winner? What Am I going to do the prize money? Who is going to benefit? How are they going to benefit?

Title would be their discretion. Just answer Why, What, Who, and How!

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Praveen said...

a scholarship in ur name!!
hahha,,nice concept..:D
the winner should be able to drink limitlessly without dropping...and then bang head continuously for 3 hours:D

Unknown said...

@praveen: How dare you smear an innocent lad? A teetotaler at that!!! :-P

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