The Callback

He could hear the bell ring, ring, and ring. No answer. He felt all alone. Questions raged his mind. Did something untoward happen? It was getting really dark. Clouds had gobbled the moon with a wet hunger. Murky darkness fed his frenzy.

How could he be sure that everything is alright? It was the 4th day without answer. Did something else happen? Suddenly he became hated? He thought back. He could not see any reason. May be he doesn't remember. Was he that forgetful? May be he was schizophrenic. He did things beyond his control. Things he couldn't remember later.

He checked his phone. Relieved, to see the call times at the exact times as he had remembered. Short lived was the relief. What if he deleted those call logs? What if he went out and made a call from a coin box? He found the second option to be astoundingly absurd. By correlation he deducted the first as well. What was wrong? Why wasn't there a call back?

He decided he was thinking too much. As always. As its always said. But there should have been a call back. Shouldn't there? Last time it was legit. He wished it was never legit. Too scary to even think. Anyway, thank god nothing untoward happened. He reminded himself to stop thinking. The part of him who said that got an almighty jolt on his face.

The other part sneered, "Your face? You don't have one!"

The good part retorted, "Then how come you are sneering?"

"Ah! The classic yin-yang. This ought to be good!", the unified consciousness remarked.

Yin and Yang bowed to UC. The tirade started. UC watched on.

"All he wanted to do was stop thinking. And look where he is now", remarked UC.

Yin and Yang were literally going at each other with the merits and demerits of everything in existence. Everything that concerned him. And everything that didn't.

"Poor man. Living with three personalities. No wonder he turned out like this.", UC was getting bored by Yin and Yang.

"Wrong UC. Wrong!" UC turned to find the speaker. It was Fear.

"Awake, Fear?", UC asked.

"Had to. He is having hell of a time. Will probably kick me out now. He has started talking to that drunk man. Charm will be coming immediately and we never mix when drinks are around.", Fear said as he got ready to make an exit. "And yes.", Fear stopped. "When you count, count Pervert in. He is my best buddy."

"I am supposed to be in control of all of them. Yin, Yang, Fear, Pervert, Charm, Courage, and all the others he seem to harbour. Yet, I am never. He is so much in deficit of tactics that he never let me unify his consiousness. Will he survive?", UC started to lament as he tried desperately to pull the strings of consiousness.

The night sky started to clear. He looked up. He could see a couple of stars. He couldnt remember whether it was a shooting star or a star which when seen would grant a wish. He admonished himself for not looking it up earlier itself. He wished anyway. Never heard of a wish not coming true by wishing on the wrong star. He wished the same as always and wondered whether selfish wishes came true. He consoled himself that wishes wouldnt be wishes unless they were selfish.

He felt a drop of water on his face. Rain? The sky was clear enough. Dewdrops? Probably. He was walking underneath big trees anyway. Another talk struck him. Batpiss? Do Bats piss? Will he turn to Batman? He would like that. If only for the riches and cool gadget labs. Another drop fell. He glanced above. He could see a tiny cloud. It was not unified. It drifted as away as it could from the big clouds. It would die out before daybreak. He could hear it sing. A mournful song. A cheerful song.

Alone I float,
But above all others.
Spare me a thought,
But don't cry me rivers.

Effervescent I may be,
Chanceless to witness the dawn.
But reflectant never me,
That moment I would be gone.

I may shake and shiver,
With every wind and gale.
No less I am a giver,
Than the ones like a whale.

Today I live,
Tomorow I will not see.
Merrily I decline the reprieve,
Extension for a life with no glee.

He felt happy. Contented. His Unified Consiousness finally found the answer. Now UC started to worry about the question.

UC remembered the magic words. "You think too much." Suddenly UC felt a jolt. The daily jolt as he drifted into sleep. UC had little time to rest before the battles began. Battles with demons. UC wondered what was in store that day.


naveen said...

Dey Naaru...Enthu patti ninakku?? Ellathinum parihaaramundaakkam...
Ithu enthuvaada ezhuthiyirikkunnathu?

Unknown said...

@pattus: Katha aanade...kshamichu kala!

Haris said...

alone and deprived ... the feelings of an obliterated soul from the mortal embodiment.. even UC perplexed in its doubtful existence..
let me float...
But above all others.
Spare me a thought,
But don't cry me rivers....

kartoos said...

Checking your blog after quite some time. Loved that "What World Thinks"idea. Though 1 doubt. Ive seen this shout box in many blogs.Hows it different from the comment section? That comments r meant 4 that specific post and stuff like what im asking should be in shout box???[:D]

Unknown said...

@kartoos: Easy there! Comments are not limited to any specific post :-)

What World Thinks! is not exactly what "world" thinks! :-D Those are excerpts from testimonials written for me in our class blog. You can read it in its entirety by clicking on the persons name. I should rename it is What Friends Think I guess! :-)

Unknown said...

@haris: yeah yeah! (although I have no idea about what you said! :-P )

Resmi... said...

Well, to start with, I didn't understand the theme. But I felt it was a flow of thoughts and feelings - confusion, fear, determination, and so on. I can't stop myself on commenting about your language. It sounded wonderful to me. But I suggest to make the plot more clear. Or was it just a vent to feelings? Let me know if I am wrong...

And congrats for that different stuff... :-)

Unknown said...

@resmi: The inner demons of an ordinary average guy! Thats the theme! Btw this is a draft..,hopefully I will complete it someday! ;-)

@ordinary average guys: If it does not sound like you people, then cut me out of your membership list!

Praveen said...

chetto...korechu standard koodi poyi..
ennalum kollaam:D

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