Fizz and Pop

Coke and Pepsi are incarnations of Satan...and everyone associated with them are servants of devil and should be burned in hell...not my opinion but this seems to be opinion of her beloved comrade Achu Mao.
The high court has lifted the ban on Coke and Pepsi, the decision may not be good according to many people, but the court always acts on the tightrope of law and it should be like that.
The government should have done some serious homework while banning colas and not acting on impulse. According to reports, the Government could have closed all loopholes.
This shows that Government is ither plain stupid or non commital to the issue...I believe its a combination of the two...
Come on now, except for Pepsi, Coke and Thumsup (the colas per se) every other drink is available. And don't give me the shit about saving coconut farmers of Kerala by switching to Ilaneer (tender coconuts)...those available in market come from exclusive tender coconut farms in Tamil Nadu...and one costs 12 Rs...not very economically feasible as many have suggested...

I am not playing devil's advocate here...Infact I am quite against what the Cola companies do...but they are business people caring for the profits alone...but...whats our government doing?
Encouraging violence...and saying its a natural reaction of people!!! How can a ruler say this? He is bound to be uphold the law and order in the country...and to refrain people from taking law onto their hands...
And the activists...destroying property of wholesalers and breaking bottles on the roads...the first thought in my mind was "Avante okke achan vannu road vrithiyaakumo?"

I didn't want to post anything but a link to Mind Curry's blog as he has summed it up very nicely...but just heard Revered Achu Mao speaking on TV and was disgusted...Be sure to check the link...
Couple of days back we friends had a small outing and eating...Probably the last one at Balu's Thattukada...Panackal is going away next week and then there will be too few of us left to have a get together...the number is dwindling day by day...
I had office that day couldn't go to college to collect the marklists...the others had gone there and had a blast the entire day and the idea was to gather in the evening and give a perfect sent off to Panackal...or so we thought...

Anand picked me from home as usual and as we reached Balu's we saw a little scuffle happening...only when we reached near we could see it was our guys and 3-4 others...
The other guys where drunk and was threatening and bellowing at our friends and trying to get hands on us. We got into it and learned what happened...

Hafeez had parked his scooter and they were sitting on the wall as usual. One of the drunk guys were trying to reverse his car and he came close to toppling the scooter. Hafeez ran up to car and tapped the car to get the drivers attention. Then he jumped and his friends joined in to teach us a lesson: For banging on the car!

They were the local useless but potent assholes and we had to somehow settle this peacefully...somehow Sreenath's word had an effect on the guy and he somewhat came down to settle things...after listening to some more shouting and shirt grabbing things were almost settled...then the fucker slapped Thakkudu across his face...we had to hold down a lot of anger...their home turf and they got to lose nothing...somehow we restrained ourselves and things ended...
We hugged and kissed the bastards away and they went away feeling smug.

These are the times you feel like an impotent...having a greater number and having better muscle power couldn't help us...
In the end they spoiled a great day for all of us...
We were all down and it could reflect from the food we ate...the usual second helpings were not taken and we coudln't even finish what we ordered...

Why are there people like this in the world...hell bent on making our lives difficult...

Pappoos Training Programme

Hello (again)

Inspite of hectic schedule I have come to address you people for elaborating on some points...

1. He is a lair. (Me: *yaaawn*)
2. He is a born lair (Me: *zzzzz*)
3. He is 500 miles away from me or else.... (Me: *snuggles pillow *)

Yours Lovingly


So the training program began. Since our hero had a critical hear condition, the programme was a capsule,crash course...

Pappoos: *blushes, smiles, shakes his head*
Neo: *slaps Pappoos* Lesson one...stop doing that!
Gentlemaanyan (GM from now on): Close your eyes...concentrate...till you see 'the white light and deep brown tranquil depths'...
Garfield: We ain't talking about you, dumbo! (That is a novel on its own, we will think about it later :D)

Pappoos: My training???
Neo: Ok. First...
Garfield: I thought we were done with that. I'll take the repeat lesson! *slaps Pappoos across his face*
Neo: I meant second.

(GM restrains Pappoos while Neo and Garfield takes cover)

Neo: Enough play. Welcome to the real world. You are the one Pappu. Remember.
GM: I thought you were Neo not Morpheus.
Neo: *ignores GM* Seek the truth Pappu...look inside and you will see...
Garfield: Shit! *looking at his Mechanics answer sheet*
Neo: Shut up asshole!

Pappoos: What is love?
GM: Its white light filling your heart!
Garfiled: *Phbbbt!* >:P
Neo: There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path...
Pappoos: Talk straight you fuckers!

Garfiled: Aliya, just rehearse what you want to say in your mind and go on.
Neo: Ok! Enough matrix crap. Treat a lady like you treat a flower.
GM: A white flower!
Pappoos: I don't know! I usually bite flowers.

Garfield: Yeah! Just go near her. Grab her hand. Give a hard bite to her pinky finger!
Neo: You have to treat her with some admiration and adoration.
GM: And give your 'whitest' smile!

Pappoos: So I go her and ask her right?
3 together: Well...if you want to...
Neo: *correcting* want her!

Pappoos thought for a while. Then with encouragement came from the girls...they cheered him on...Gaangandharvan(GG) joined us...

GG: Aliya...on this occasion we will sing a song!

GG,Neo and Garfield starts singing...

An empty street
An empty house
A hole inside my heart
I’m all alone
The rooms are getting smaller
Under where?.
My Underwear!
Under what
The days we had
The songs we sang together
Oh yeah
And all my love
We’re holding on forever
Reaching for the love that seems so far... (Westlife: My Love)
(Note: We used to cover this song with this modified lyrics! :P)

Pappoos looked into deep blue sky. He blushed and shook his head. As he smiled he could feel a painful sensation in his cheeks and he regained his composure. He looked determined...

Neo: He is ready!

Music tag makes a return...

Pappu is put on hold for a while...
Me doing another tag... :P

Once again this is one I got from

Set the music player of your choice to shuffle and ask these questions aloud and press play.

So here we go!

Will I get far in life?
Song: Two Story Down
Artist: Bon Jovi
Comment: So I get as far as two stories! :P

How do my friends see me?
Artist: Heart
Comment: So my friends see me as a mean and dangerous shark! :-((

Where will I get married?
Song: Purple Rain
Artist: Prince
Comment: Its a nice song...So I will get married somewhere there is purple rain...hmmm...In Kerala there used to be Red next time it will be purple!

What is my best friend's theme song?
Song: Being for the benefit for Mr.Kite
Artist:The Beatles
Comment: :-))

What is the story of my life?
Song: Fitter Happier
Artist: Radiohead
Comment: Yeah baby!

What was high school like?
Song: Songs of Jeffrey
Artist: Jethro Tull
Comment: so?

How can I get ahead in life?
Song: Knife Party
Artist: Deftones
Comment: So I have to hold a party and slash everyone with a knife? Nice!

What is the best thing about me?
Song: Make me believe
Artist: Godsmack
Comment: You have to try hard to make me believe...I don't trust people easily...may be thats my biggest trait!

How is today going to be?
Song: Tender
Artist: Blur
Comment: Its going to be a cool, tender night...I sure hope so! :-)

What is in store for this weekend?
Song: Planet Boom
Artist: Motley Crue
Comment: This ones almost I'll take it as next...I'll be over the top with my prez...I sure hope so...

What song describes my parents?
Song: Bigmouth strikes again
Artist: The Smiths
Comment: Nah! Never! My mom yells with a big mouth at me only, that too when I really piss her off!

My grandparents?
Song: Walk like an Egyptian
Artist: The Bangles
Comment: I saw only my grandmothers...I can guarandamntee that they were neither egyptians or walked like one! :P

How is my life going?
Song: Here I go again
Artist: White Snake
Comment: I jumped question! Because this was apt for this question! A fresh start in my life..."Here I go again on my own..."

How does the world see me?
Song: Little Round Mirrors
Artist: Harvey Danger
Comment: Round Mirrors ok...but little one?

Will I have a happy life?
Song: Hells Bells
Artist: AC/DC
Comment: I'll be in hell in life too? There goes my happiness! :-(( ("...I'll give you black sensations up and down your spine..." :-D)

What do my friends really think of me?
Song: Love me two times
Artist:The Doors
Comment: I get a chance at redemption...and...they chose to Love me two nice! :P

How can I make myself happy?
Song: My last breath
Artist: Evanescence
Comment: So I have to die to be sad! :-)

Do people secretly lust after me?
Song: Rock N Roll singer
Artist: AC/DC
Comment: Is it that some rocknroll singer is in lust with me...or am I a poster boy rocknroll star whom every chick lusts (ala Jim Morrison...not Justin Timberlake)...seems both are a bit too :P

What should I do with my life?
Song: Drown me slowly
Artist: Audioslave
Comment: Come on now! I am getting depressed with all this talk on death!

What is some good advice?
Song: Pure
Artist: The Lightning Seeds
Comments: Be pure! Buy Pure!

What do I really want from life?
Song: Train in vain
Artist: Clash
Comment: Don't wanna do that...don't wanna train for nothing...

What should I do to help others?
Song: When the children cry
Artist: White Lion
Comment: Dry their tears...thats exactly something I intend do in my life...

What should I do to help myself?
Song: Holiday
Artist: Scorpions
Comment: I would love to...but on probation people! Loss of pay leave for a year! A cool song though...

What is my one most important goal in life?
Song: Ohne Ditch
Artist: Rammstein
Comment: Athu thanne 'Ohne njammaaku ditch chaiiaam!'

What do I get the most pleasure from?
Song: More than a feeling
Artist: Boston
Comment: Yeah...I would like to have more than just a feeling... :-)

Pappu Exposed!

Dear Friends

In my last address I warned you! He is hopeless! Will write all non sense about me!
There was no crow!
(Me: Was it a peacock then?)
She looked good...
(Me:Who? Peacock?)
and...tall! :D
(Me: Tall peacock! That would have been a sight!)

So friends...I have decided that I will let him live...and let him carry on...for NOW!
Excuse darling is on phone!


Pappoos called me in the evening today...he said somewhat similar I smell a threat? :P

Pappu sat in the class...motionless...staring at the fan...
The fan seemed shouting at him, "Get your head down! Get your head down! I want to hang from the celing not embedded in it!"

He sighed...he blushed...he knew...he was in love!
Suddenly, Neo appeared.
Neo looked at Pappoos...
Neo shook Pappu up...

Neo: Whats wrong buddy?
Pappoos: Nothing!
Neo: What is it? Sathyam parayeda!
Pappoos: Ente karalil oru vedana. (A pain in my liver!)
Neo: You love her don't you?
Pappoos: Noooo!
Neo: Love is like a fart. How much you try to hold it, it will come out with a bang or a stink
Neo: Don't worry...we will teach you...

So Pappoos began his training...

Training Team

Neo the superhero,
Garfield :D,

Support Team

Too many!

Lage Raho Pappoobhai!

Hello everyone

I am Pappu...
Whatever this asshole is going to write is not completely true...even if it has a semblance of truth....He will blow it out of proportion...
So please leave me and my darling in our 'garden city' retreat...

yours lovingly


Pappu would have wanted to write this! So I wrote it for him! :D

Now on to our story...

The year 2002...
Starting of a new era in the life of Pappoos...

To call Pappoos tall will be an understatement...
To call him looong would be better!

So the long Pappoos joined Computer Engineering...His dream of being a 3L33T hacker like Kobra...(hint...hint! refer to my old archives!)

Pappoos came to the class with his Nedumangaadu buddies...
He sat on the bench...Looked around the class and beyond it...He could see across the horizon with his length...
He looked disdainly at the mortals nearby and remarked in his trademark husky (read incomprehensible) accent, "Poor Fellows!"

Suddenly, his view of the horizon was blocked by a head...
Pappoos was angry...Who dat is???

The head turned around...Pappoos mouth opened wide...shaped into snout...his ears grew long...He got on all fours and said..."Oooooouka"

She smiled...
He blushed...and closed his eyes as he dropped his head with shyness...
He looked up and smiled invitingly...

No one home...except a crow on the post...
It said, "Kaaa Kaaa!" (translation: Pick someone of your own species!)

Day one over...
(to be continued...)


Its been a while since I posted...its been a really long while since I wrote something original...I can see some going for the X button on top! :P
Not another rant about writer's block my friends! I cannot officially have it now! A few days from now I have to start making a living out of writing. Ofcourse, there are some issues that needs to be sorted out, but even if things go severely wrong, I may probably be working atleast from next month, at a lower offer perhaps! :P

I started writing a story more than a week back. (To be precise 20th August)It still remains in the introduction page. I hope to finish it one day. Its been a big step really. I usually have these grandiose story ideas which die a premature death in my mind itself. This time its there to nag me as a computer file.

Disturbed by a lot of things. Most of all, missing my friends. I have had a lot of get togethers lately, but none could really soothe me.
How people can become a big part of your life in four years...Humans amuse me! Especially me! :P

Spending my time abusing psychedelic stuff! :D
Not drugs people! Just some psychedelic rock music!
The Doors, Cream, Syd Barett etc...

And sleeping...never slept like this in my life...not doing my work...indulging in my daydreams and sleeping away...just today slept off a 6 hours in mid day...this is not me...

Needs to get a grip...or life would grip my neck and wring it...

Wanted to write something intelligent and funny(?). The result? A moody, depressing post...
I promise a good tale soon...
Tale of a good friend of mine...
No...not Odie (give the guy a break!)this time its going to be Pappoos!
Wait for it! :D