OKcupid tests...

What Computer am I?

Unix Bigot
You scored 195 skilled, 45 artistic, 70 gamer, and 60 conformity!

If you don't run Unix now, you should think about it. Might I reccommend a flavor of BSD? You don't use your computer for playing games that much, so why not switch? Sure, it takes learning, but you probably have the skills to manage it. And you can always dual boot if that doesn't work out for you.

Got this from Overclocked Fraggers Blog

Unix user???I do use Linux...at times...but with no good audio and scarcity of codecs and lack of games for a casual but compulsive gamer who has a wide range of taste shirks me away...

Man or Boy?

Typical Male
You scored 76 MAN points!

You are the Typical Male. I don't mean that directly as an insult, but you can take it as one if you wish. I joke, I joke!!! You can probably cook a few average meals, your underwear is for the most part white, and you have on occasion made a woman feel like she was something special. Chances are you are getting along just fine with the world and the ladies. So well done...Good for you for moving out of mommy's house!! One hint...just every now and then, do or say something special for your girlfriend, on no particular occasion and for no particular reason. It will earn you loads of brownie points, and if will help out for when you forget her birthday. : P

Some questions are totally irrelevant to the scenario we live in...

Weirdie Me!

Arti and Illusion has tagged moi!

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-You must post a blog with six weird facts or habits about yourself.
- At the bottom name the six people you will tag next.
- Leave them a comment to let them know they've been tagged and to read your blog


Well let this be my Birthday Post!
Its not very easy to think up this...What I consider as normal may be weird for another person!

1. At times I am obsessed with a partcular song...I would crank up the volume and hear ir (see if there is video available)
A week back it was Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd...I watched the video a hundred times atleast...
Right now its How soon is now by The Smiths

2. Hmmm...getting hotter now!
I am very absent minded...forgets about the most important things and lands in big trouble afterwards.
But I do have this uncanny knack to get out of any situation unscathed...so I guess it balances out!

3. I go on long long walks...Thinking about the most nonsensical things...day dreaming...in the end reach places which I never intended to go!
Earlier it used to be cycling...When I had one!

4. I like minimum of clothes when I am alone...psst...at times I wear bed sheets to bed! :P

5. I munch on paper...yeah any kinda paper...I don't care what or the quality...it is an involuntary action!

6. I go on some nonsense songs at times...singing about some ridiculous things and at times not even in any known human language! (alien trait?)
But this happens only when I am alone... :D

Now for the tags...

Fellowship bloggers New template! So start posting!
Kickasso Not sure whether you are back in full swing...still heres a tag!
Meenu Where is the other tag? :-W

And anyone else who would like to do it...Its a good introspection!

Toothbrush and Teacups...

Yet another day in the class. Interesting stuff is what we are doing. Yesterdays assignment was to write the product specs of a toothbrush. Just the headings. Now don’t go ROTFL. It is a tough job. Do you know how intricate a toothbrush is?

We have to write it for a person who has been in coma since birth and has just woke up. Interestingly though, the dude knows English and can understand things! Just that he has forgotten about toothbrush and the details regarding it. So we have to write something for a toothbrush, which is akin to a user manual!
The dude thanks us:
“I have more friends now!”
Yeah sure…people can come within a mile radius of yours now!

Why do we write such mundane things?
A toothbrush!
Why not some cool mobile phone or a new motherboard?
This particular toothbrush it self has around 15 headings…when expanded it would certainly reach around 3 pages.
So imagine a motherboard…dozens of ICs, many a function…it will be a large document…
Wrote the specs of the toothbrush in the morning in a chaayakada (tea shop) sipping on a hot cup of tea... :D

Too bad the university exams are on…I will be missing core classes next week…3 theory papers and our screwed up system in college may give us a very hard time by keeping our labs on the very next day of our exams. God save us all if it happens…
Has to start studying for the exams…but today gone as I have to face a tough battle today. That really warrants another post, as it would be my final outlaw stunt in college.
After the three in next week another three are left…one of them really deadly…Database Management Systems…
I have high hopes of passing what I have written so far…really hope the university will be benevolent as well.

The path of the damned?

Technical communication is the process of conveying information about a specific technology to an intended audience. Products that provide technical communication include user manuals, technical manuals, product specifications, process and procedure manuals, training, business papers, and reports. These are delivered to the audience using various media, including paper, video, and Web pages.
From Wikipedia.

Hiatus has come to an end I guess. My first day in the Knowgenesis certification programme. It was a hard decision to take. Spending 30,000 on a course at such a short notice. But if all things go well it may be the best decision I have taken in life so far.

I always wanted to be a writer. This notion came to my head since…may be when I started reading more mature literature. (No pun intended!)
But being a writer means that you have to have a passion to write and some creative influx of ideas. Even then it would be hard to make a living unless you are very lucky and extremely talented.

I joined engineering due to my liking towards computers and technology in general. I used to be one of those weird nerds in school who used to be called upon for troubleshooting for system problems of my friends. Other than that I had no real friends with a care in the heart for whom I cared or vice versa.

In college my initial stance was somewhat similar. Another nerd! But time went by and I opened out to many a people and became part of a great friends ring. I gained more experience in being a good human being. Not blowing my trumpet but still I believe my character underwent an evolution for the better.

But my technical know-how took a dip. It may have improved…but the rate really went downhill. I cared a hoot really!
Down the lane somewhere I realized I got some potential to crack management aptitude tests and had enough flair to shine in that profession. So my dreams took a different direction.
Also the type of work done in Indian software firms was a source of disillusion. On the back of my head though the lingering desire of being a writer…being a creator had been present.

My academics suffered due to the lack of diligence on my part and I was way too confident of getting out without the help of the marks.
About marks…what are they really in our system?
Mug up and vomit. You get a wonderful percentage!
I have seen very few people genuinely score marks and have knowledge.

So I embarked on my CAT cracking crusade. Results were optimistic in the beginning and towards the end it seemed I was destined for the second tier institutes.
Contented I was…but CAT broke me up rather…still managed to score a decent score. Got call from two Ivy League institutes…but couldn’t convert them both.
IRMA I attended and I believe I had a 60-40 chance of making it.
MICA I couldn’t attend owing to the crappy, rigid attitude of the college regarding the attendance.
Again I was back to the start…now thinking of scoring some marks to make me competent to attend a few software company tests…
The companies I have badmouthed and called as sweatshops…

The light seemed dim for me and already I was thinking of escaping abroad to make a living…a notion I hated…not because I was having any problem with homesickness…but the thought of nagging some relative to get a visa sickened me up…

Roads seemed to be going in one way for me…then I chanced upon an ad in the newspaper.
Technical communication! Technical writing course!
I had been actively searching Monster and Naukri for some writing job and was fruitless so far in my search.
I went to the test and I ended being one of the toppers there…To be frank not very surprising… :P

Then came the hard part…convincing my parents about the viability. And the financial situation did not help either. But after a lot of coaxing…shouting and retorts and some healthy amount of negotiations to split the fees I succeeded in getting the admission.

The classes started yesterday and I couldn’t attend as we had our university exams. Going to six more classed due to the same…I hope I can cover up these. After all the classes are going to happen everyday for the next 3 months…

The first class basically was on corporate communication and we had to write a company profile…my company was T-Rex! (I made it up of course!) Got some pretty good feedback on the writing and a couple of assignments for tomorrow.
Looking good! And feeling better to the opportunity to make a living out of writing. Also a chance to get a management degree in at a later stage with the amount of experience I may get. It looks bright right now!

So why the hell am I writing all these nonsensical stuff in here? And what of my hiatus?
Well, today’s lab assignment is to improve the typing speed. I thought I would rejuvenate my blog by writing some stuff. As one of my friends had once described me, narcissistic onanism!

Well then me going to type some serious article or profile now…

A Music Tag...

Well...me back with (yet) another non sensical tag... :D
Thought I want to post something at the start of the month...
4 exams over for me and I think I am unscathed so for... God help me!
Back to business...

Last.fm is a social networking site with a difference...by using plugin you can get the songs you listen listed on the site. Not just listed but formated in a terrific way...just see to get my point...and you have features like journal and can read based on the selection (Artist, song etc...)
Confused??? Just go to the site and take a look. Here's my page on the site...

I saw this tag in there and thought I would do it...

Name your top 10 most played bands on Last.fm

1. The Beatles -235
2. Led Zeppelin -144
3. AC/DC -138
4. Jethro Tull -110
5. Metallica -100
6. The Doors -92
7. System of a Down -91
8. Guns N' Roses -89
9. Paul McCartney -86
10. Black Sabbath -80
Now answer the questions according to the numbers (The bracket are the number of songs...roughly two thirds of what i have heard...the site is down at times...)

1.What was the first song you ever heard by 6?
Well I think it is Riders on the Storm...I downloaded Doors after hearing its cover version in Need For Speed : (I forgot the version :D)

2.What is your favourite album of 2?
Frankly I have'nt heard any album of Led Zep in full. I would liked IV best...as it contains great songs and is their best... (btw the album name is IV)

3.How many times have you seen 4 live?
Nope...Have'nt seen any concerts...

4.What is your favourite song by 7?
Hmmm....tough one here...Right now my vote goes to Lonely Day.

5.What is your favourite lyric that 2 has sung?
I think its a line from Kashmir
"I am a traveller of both time and space..."
I like it a lot..donno why...

6.What is your favourite song by 9?
Follow me From his latest album...Personal reasons...I dedicated this to a very good friend of mine...

7.How did you get in to 3?
I heard about their name a lot and decided to hear...

8.What was the first song you heard by 1?
Hello Goodbye
I heard this in my WIndows 98 Beatles desktop theme...this was the start up music...I used to restart just to hear this :P

9.What is your favourite song by 4?
Waking Edge
I love this song...beautiful music...

10.How many time have you seen 9 live?

11.What is a good memory you have concerning 2?
Well, nothing specific...

12.Is there a song of 8 that makes you sad?
Its about losing your illusions and becoming disillusioned...well I do feel good afte hearing it...Does this qualify then?

13.What is your favourite album of 5?
The Black Album
Their best album without any doubt...

14.What is your favourite lyric that 3 has sung?
"Its a long way to the top if you wanna rock n roll"

15.What is your favourite song of 1?
Tough one!
I will give the nod to Getting Better
Optimistic song with dark undertones...

16.What is your favourite song of 10?
Fast and great...often reflects my mental state...

17.How many times have you seen 8 live?

18.What is your favourite album of 1?
Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band
One of the best ever albums of all time!

19.Is there a song of 3 that makes you sad?

20.What is a great memory you have considering 9?
Like I said before...dedicating that song to one of my best friends...

Well back to the hiatus again!