Wheew! Atlast an exam where I hope to pass more than dread to fail. Just finished the microprocessor criti exams. But I had the same if not a more jubilant reaction the last time around. But, this is criti so I hope the university shows some meharbaani. The last 5 exams where disasters and thefirst time I am going to write the exams with 4 hall tickets. I will have a mercy exam of CHD unless the university guy decides that I am going to marry his daughter.
The supply Compilers was a big disaster. Though everyone said they sucked and said they would fail, I suspect the suckers of scraping through. Good for them and I hope they get through.
As far as DB went. Well it was a really wondeful experience. You have to some experiences like this to spice up your life. When I got the question paper, the question in my head was 'How the hell am I going to score 10 marks in this?' Well,I brought my creative side out and wrote 8 short stories for the short answer questions (total fiction! get it?). Then I proceeded to the essays and they were interleaved with 90% trash and 10% matter. Out of the 18 pages I wrote only 2 pages contains some substance. Very interesting marks this would be!
Communication sucked totally just because I didn't study a word and ISM was an epic in the making. Once again I proved to myself why i should be going into management. Really, what a management paper! I hope I scrape through. I wrote the answers with so much conviction and created new management theories that the examiner may be feel like that. May be not.
I think studies got to pick up now. Me and Rajappan are starting our late night studies with 1 hour call in between. It really helped last time around. I passed with some 60 marks even for subjects I started learning at 10 PM the day before. I missed the study for these exams. Infact I forgot about this thing and was wondering what was amiss.
Hope everything goes well for everyone.
"Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu!"


naveen said...

Every engg. guy passes through these 'Rough Patches'. Remember,form is temperory,class is permenent!!!!!Same results 4 me....except,i hope 2 pass in comp.comm.and mayb ISM!!!!!

Erosimian said...

The road to B.Tech is long and difficult.

Prescence of mind carries yout through.

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