I thought I would make the blog useful by including some info that people care instead of the incessant bitching that I am now familiarised with.

Noted British science fiction novelist Arthur.C.Clarke has been awarded with the highest honour in Sri Lanka, ‘Sri Lankashreshta’. He resides in Sri Lanka presently.
An apt time for me to take his book from the British Library, ‘Garden of Rama’ co-written by Gentry Lee.. I haven’t read any of his books, even though the first book I had taken from the British Library was his, which I never read. Getting a bit confused. Did I read any of his books? Not sure. Has to check out…

Another news. This one most of the people may be unaware of. Intel has purchased 65% share in Grisoft. The makers of AVG antivirus. A move to include more virus protection at the hardware level? I don’t think the PC Hardware King Duttan is aware of this. (As of writing this article) :-).

I am very grateful to Kickasso for recommending QCD player. I had my experience with the same in my old PC and didn’t quite like it. But as I used it now, I really liked it. It simply rocked! Tremendous clarity and I had some noise issues with Winamp. Now, Mr.Haris my sound system is supercool.
The main factor is that I installed a plugin. iZotope Ozone. Man, alive this thing is wonderful! Every audiophile’s dream plug-in. It isn’t free though, and I am searching for cracks. ( for the naïve ones, I cannot afford the money, however low it is, by any stretch of imagination)
I recommend this player to everybody. It is free and it can encode files in ogg unlike winamp which has low quality encoders in the free version. It is a light download at some 2.5 MB and very intuitive. The most amazing thing is the resource utilisation. Even with the plug-in, which is resource intensive; the CPU and memory utilisations are at rock bottom. I’d recommend it to my friends who play NFS with music running in the back.
I had been looking for an alternative ever since I learned about the departure of Justin Frenkel (and his core team) from Winamp, the original creator, ousted due to the profit mongering business methodologies adopted by AOL which had bought Winamp for $ 50 Million. Frenkel used to be my idol once and a reason why I wanted to go for Computer Science. Make a kickass software like he did and load up on cash! Though now it seems very naïve. In this world money is good but it isn’t everything…


Erosimian said...

Missed out on the Grisoft purchase by intel.

Hardware antivirus scanning is good idea. Especially since Nvidia put a hardware firewall on their nForce 4 chipset.

Norton slows down the system to a crawl.

I use Avast! antivirus. Better than AVG anytime. :-)

Unknown said...

me use Avast too. thanx to you for the recommendation!

kickassso said...


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